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Animals of class Ciliata
A. Have two nuclei
B. Are autotrophs
C. Reproduce sexually
D. Possess cilia

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Hint: Ciliates are organisms that belong to class Ciliata of kingdom Protista. Ciliates are basically protozoans that are typically characterized by the presence of hair-like locomotory structures commonly known as cilia.

Complete answer: Ciliates are single-celled organisms that use the cilia for locomotion as well as to gather food.
A typical Ciliate has two types of nuclei: a tiny, diploid micronucleus and a large, polyploid macronucleus.
The micronucleus or generative nucleus is responsible for carrying the germline of the cell and the macronucleus or vegetative nucleus is responsible for taking care of the normal cell regulation and helps in expressing the phenotype of the organism.
Most Ciliates are heterotrophs.
Ciliates reproduce asexually, by various kinds of fission. Ciliates are also known to reproduce sexually, by a process known as conjugation.

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So, the correct answers are options A. Have two nuclei, C. Reproduce sexually, and D. Possess cilia </b>

Note: There are around 8,000 species present in class Ciliata; they are the most advanced group of protozoans in terms of physiological and morphological complexity.
The cilia are usually arranged in rows, known as kineties, on the pellicle. Some examples of Ciliates are Paramecium and Balantidium.