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An alga which can be employed as food for human beings is
A. Ulothrix
B. Chlorella
C. Goniodoma
D. Polysiphonia

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Hint: Algae consist of a diverse group of eukaryotic photosynthetic organisms ranging from unicellular microalgae like Chlorella to multicellular large organisms such as kelps. Most of the algae are found in aquatic habitat and are autotrophic.

Complete answer: As the ancestry of algae is unknown (no common ancestor is known), thus it constitutes a polyphyletic group. They possess a variety of reproductive strategies including both asexual and sexual methods. Algae contain chlorophyll that helps in photosynthesis, a mechanism derived from cyanobacteria, and produces oxygen.
Apart from producing oxygen, algae are also useful to humans in a variety of ways. They are used as a source of energy, and also as fertilizers, agar, alginates, stabilizing agents, etc. They are also used as a pollution indicator. Now-a-days, algae are used as a food source, such as Chlorella. Chlorella is a single-celled alga having chlorophyll a and b. It has a spherical shape and does not possess flagella. It has a high amount of protein (45%) and other essential nutrients such as fat (20%), carbohydrates (20%), fiber (5%), and vitamins and minerals (10%). Thus, it is produced on a large scale and is generally used as a superfood. It can also be used as a constituent in some cocktails. It is known to help in weight control, prevention of cancer, and enhancing the immune system of the body.
So, the correct answer is “Option B”.

Mostly Chlorella is used as a food supplement, but it is also used for some other purposes. It is very helpful in the reduction of carbon dioxide level and production of oxygen, as an alternative for medicine having an ability to treat cancer, etc.