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Among the following given salts:
 $ N{a_2}C{O_3},NaCl,N{H_4}Cl,C{H_3}COONa,{K_2}S{O_4},{(N{H_4})_2}S{O_4} $
Which of these salts will give?
(A) Acidic solution
(B) Basic solution (alkaline solution)
(C) Neutral solution

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Hint: To determine whether the given solution is acidic, basic or neutral, we have to look for the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution $ {H^ + } $ . Acidic solutions are any aqueous solution that has hydrogen ion concentration, $ {H^ + } $ greater than water.

Complete answer:
So, the basic solution will be any aqueous solution which has hydrogen ion concentration less than water or pH of the solution is greater than $ 7 $ .
Similarly, acidic solution should have a pH less than $ 7 $ .
A neutral solution can be defined as the solutions which are neither acidic nor basic. Neutral solutions have a pH $ 7 $ .
So, based on our knowledge, we can :
So, among the given salts, let’s categorise all the salts.
-So , the acidic solutions will be given by the salts - $ N{H_4}Cl $ , $ {(N{H_4})_2}S{O_4} $
-And the basic or alkaline salts will be given by the salts - $ N{a_2}C{O_3} $ , $ C{H_3}COONa $
-Neutral solutions will be given by the - $ NaCl $ , $ {K_2}S{O_4} $
Neutral solutions have balanced charges and they dissociate completely in the water.

 $ N{H_4}Cl $ will give an acidic solution because it is composed of strong acid $ HCl $ and the weak base $ N{H_4}OH $ . So, on dissociation in water, it will give an acidic solution. Similarly, $ C{H_3}COONa $ will give basic solution because it is a combination of weak acid – acetic acid and strong base – sodium hydroxide i.e. $ NaOH $ . So, it will give an alkaline solution. Whereas, $ NaCl $ is a neutral salt and will give a neutral solution as it is composed of strong acid - $ HCl $ and strong base $ NaOH $ . So they neutralize the charges of each other and yield neutral solutions. The combination of weak acid and weak base with same intensity also results in neutral solutions.