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Who among the following created the first cotton-mill?
A)Richard Muir
B)Richard Arkwright
C)Richard Keep
D)Richard Moy

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Hint: The person who is also known as the father of the modern industrial factory created the first cotton mill. His contribution gave a large boost to the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century.

Complete answer:
Richard Arkwright created the first cotton-mill

A cotton mill is a building housing spinning machinery for the production of yarn or cloth from cotton. After the industrial revolution, the production of textiles shifted from handloom to electrically powered mechanical handloom. Soon the demand for cotton crops increased and the farmers started investing in it. Large number of labourers started working in mills.
Richard Arkwright was a British inventor and a leading businessman during the industrial revolution. He invented a machine called Arkwright’s water frame producing cotton yarn in 1764.

The roller spinning principle of Paul and Bourne became the basis of his spinning frame and water frame which he patented in 1769. Later he made a horse driven spinning mill at Preston and soon many more. The costly machines could be easily set up and maintained in the hills. All the processes were done under the one roof within the mills. This leads to a more careful supervision of production procedure and enhances the quality of cotton.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: The history of the cotton industry in India dates back to about three thousand years ago. The first cotton mill in India was set up in 1818 near Kolkata but was a commercial failure. In 1854, again a cotton mill was set up in Bombay by KGN Daber and it emerged as a prominent mill to export cotton from India to other nations.