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Ammonia gas can be dried over by:
D.Quick lime

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Hint: First we should be aware with the process through which the generation of the ammonia takes place which is \[Ca{(OH)_2}(s) + 2N{H_4}Cl(s) \to CaC{l_2}(s) + 2{H_2}O(l) + 2N{H_3}(g)\] . Now after that we can observe the different compounds participating. After that we get that none of the \[conc.{H_2}S{O_4}\] or $CaC{l_2}$ is responsible for nature. So it is quicklime.

Complete Step by step answer: ere in the given question statement the question is regarding the process through which the ammonia is derived from. Now we just have to give the reaction regarding the derivation of the ammonia gas from the entire process and explain it.
Now let's give a step by answer to the given question:
Step 1: for the preparation of the Ammonia gas,
It is prepared by the proper heating of a mixture of calcium hydroxide and ammonium chloride.
The chemical reaction is :

\[Ca{(OH)_2}(s) + 2N{H_4}Cl(s) \to CaC{l_2}(s) + 2{H_2}O(l) + 2N{H_3}(g)\]

Step 2: We know that sulphuric acid in concentrated amount, \[conc.{H_2}S{O_4}\] and the anhydrous calcium chloride, $CaC{l_2}$ can’t be used to dry ammonia. This is because they would react with it.
Now, the gas must be passed through the fresh quicklime in order to effectively dry it. By this process the Ammonia gas is collected by upward delivery as it is lighter than air.

So that provides us the correct option as option D, quick lime.

Note: Ammonia having chemical formula as $N{H_3}$, is a colorless gas with a distinct odor composed of nitrogen and hydrogen atoms. It is produced naturally in the human body and in nature—in water, soil and air, even in tiny bacteria molecules. In human health, ammonia and the ammonium ion are vital components of metabolic processes.