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$\alpha$ – cells of pancreas were destroyed. The process affected is
A. Glycogenolysis
B. Glycogenesis
C. Proteolysis
D. Cytolysis

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Hint: $\alpha$ – cells of pancreas are endocrine cells which are present in islet of Langerhans, their main function is to secrete the hormone glucagon which increase the blood glucose level also known as diabetogenic j-hormone as it increases the glucose. Glycogenolysis is the breakdown of glycogen into glucose which is stimulated by hormone glucagon.

Complete answer:
The $\alpha$ are found in islet of Langerhans in the pancreas along with the $\beta$– cells both cells have functions of secreting the hormones, $\alpha$secrete glucagon hormone which helps in increasing the blood sugar level within the body whereas $\beta$ – cells insulin which functions opposite the hormone of glucagon and decrease the blood sugar level to maintain the balance of sugar the body. Glycogenolysis is the process in which breakdown of glycogen occurs to form glucose, this process is stimulated by the hormone glucagon which is secreted by $\alpha$ – cells, thus we can say that this process will be affected if $\alpha$– cells get destroyed. Now when we talk about glycogenesis it is process in which glycogen is synthesized which doesn’t need $\alpha$– cells, in proteolysis as the name suggests it is the breakdown of protein molecules which has nothing to do with $\alpha$ – cells, lastly cytolysis is the process in which bursting of cells take place due to osmotic imbalance.
So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

Note: $\alpha$-cells act as helper or guardian of $\beta$ – cells to make the balance of sugar in blood and maintain a healthy well-being. An Increased level of sugar in blood is harmful as it causes hyperglycemia whereas decrease in the level of sugar in the blood causes hypoglycemia both the conditions are harmful for the body that is why the balance is needed between the two.