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Albumen is also known as: -

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Albumen is the substance that is stored in the ovule for the early nourishment of the embryo. It is a triploid food tissue in most plants that is a result of the double fertilization or the triple fusion. It is present in a liquid form in coconuts.

Complete answer:
Albumen is also known as endosperm.
The endosperm is a product of triple fusion and develops from the central cell of the embryo sac.

Additional Information: - Perisperm is the residual, persistent nucellus.
- The nucellus is the central part of the ovule where the embryo sac develops
- Double Fertilization: There is the involvement of two fusion events which is unique to angiosperms.
- After entering one of the synergids, the pollen tube releases to male gametes into the cytoplasm of the synergids. Following which the events take place.
- These events are Syngamy and Triple Fusion.
- Syngamy: Male gametes move towards the egg cell and fuses with its nucleus to form the diploid zygote (2n).
- Triple Fusion: Other male gametes move towards polar nuclei located in the central cell and fuses with them to produce the primary endosperm nucleus (PEN) which is triploid (3n).
 - The cells of the endosperm are filled with reserved food materials.
- The endosperm is completely consumed during the development of the embryo before seed maturation Such seeds are called ex-albuminous or non-endospermic seeds. Example: peas, beans, groundnuts.
- Endosperm persists in mature seeds. Such seeds are called Albuminous or endospermic seeds. Example: castor, coconut, rice, wheat, maize, barley.
- The seeds with double endosperm are found in coconut (Cocos nucifera), (a) Liquid endosperm (b) Cellular endosperm
- The stony endosperm is found in betel nuts and date palms.
- Ruminate endosperm: Endosperm having surface irregularity. Example: Passiflora, Annona.
- Mosaic Endosperm: Endosperm with different colour patches. For example, Maize.
- Perispermic seeds are found in black pepper, wheat.
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So the answer is, ”Endosperm.”

Note: The endosperm is a triploid food storage tissue whereas perisperm is a diploid food storage tissue. The endosperm is found during stages of fertilization and development and it nourishes the ovule and embryo.
Perisperm is found in the seed and it acts as nourishment for the seed.