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Air is a mixture of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
a.) Compounds
b.) Elements
c.) Colourless gases
d.) None of the above

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Hint: Air is surrounding us all the time. It is required for breathing. But we don’t see it anytime. It is not visible but it is required. The compounds can be coloured or colourless and same is with elements. The elements can also be coloured or colourless.

Complete answer: First, let us see what are compounds and elements. The compounds are defined as the chemical substances that are made up of atoms of more than one kind of element. The compounds can be broken into elements. The element is a pure substance that can-not be broken by any means. It is the smallest identifiable species.
The colourless gases are the gases that do not have any colour. Further, the gas is a form of state of matter. The compounds or elements can be in gaseous form. Air is the mixture that surrounds us in our atmosphere. It is a mixture of nitrogen gas, oxygen gas and many other gases. There are even water vapours present. The air is a mixture of colourless gases.

Thus, the option c.) is the correct answer.

Note: It must be noted that if we say the air has compounds, then it is true because sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides are all compounds that are in gaseous state. And if we say that it is made up of elements, then it could also be true because some gases are elements.