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What is the agriculture done in fresh water known as?

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Hint: This is a type agriculture or horticulture, or a subset of hydroculture, where in this method there is a growing of plants especially crops without soil, where they are grown in mineral nutrient solution in an aqueous solvent.

Complete answer:
- In these plants or crops are cultivated in the nutrient enriched water without support of any other medium such as sand, and this method of cultivation is called hydroponics.
- There are many approaches for the crops to cultivate by hydroponics, but the core elements required for this cultivation are the same.
- In this type of cultivation, fresh water should be taken which has a PH of around 6 to 6.5, where plants or crops are well grown in this PH.
- There are variations for the crops which include the sub-irrigation and irrigation, and the tanks built here are mostly plastic, other ones like concrete and glass metal can also be used. They are of two types.
- Static solution culture, in which crops are grown in the nutrient rich solution, which is present in the glass mansion jar, the solution used in this cultivation can be aerated or unaerated, in which if they are not aerated, the level should be kept in a very low, so that roots present above the solution gets enough oxygen.
- Another method of cultivation with water is continuous flow solution culture, in this nutrient rich solution continuously flow between the roots, and it is very easy to automate this method than the static method, here the adjustments of temperature and PH, and nutrient rich solution can be made in a large storage tank, which can accommodate the large number of plants.

Note: There is a another method called, passive hydroponics in which porous medium is added in nutrient rich solution, so that porous medium transports the water and nutrients to the roots by capillary action, this method reduce the need of labor and there is continuous water supply to the roots.