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Agricultural crops grown and sold to make a profit are called as
A. Cash crop
B. Kharif crop
C. Cover crop
D. Cover crop

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Hint: Cultivation of plants for beneficial use is a very ancient practice performed by human beings. This practice is called agriculture. Angiosperms (modern higher plants) are categorised under two groups namely- monocots and dicots. Both these types of plants are useful commercially. So these are being cultivated on a large scale all over the world to fulfill our nutritional requirements.

Complete answer:
In India, many types of crops are cultivated for various beneficial purposes. They can be used as food products or medicinal products. Thus, cultivation of crops in India is economically very important.
The major types of crops found in India are named Kharif crops, Rabi crops and Zaid crops.
These crops are grown at a particular time in a year. Between the month of march to june, Zaid crops are grown, from june to july Kharif crops are grown and from October to November, Rabi crops are grown.
The degradation of soil caused by natural activities is called soil erosion. Due to soil erosion, the upper layer of soil is displaced thus degrading a fertile land. Due to soil erosion cultivation of crops has ceased.
Some crops are used to prevent soil erosion. These are called cover crops. They firmly adhere to soil particles thus preventing the displacement of soil.
Almost all of the agricultural crops are grown for commercial purposes. The crops which are beneficially used for making money or profit are called cash crops.
Thus the correct answer is option A.

India is mainly an agricultural country. The major portion of India's economy is dependent on agriculture and its products. As only limited land is fit for cultivation, India has to strive to increase yields per unit area from existing farm land. The development of various high yielding varieties of several crops and various plant breeding technologies led to dramatic increase in food production in india. This phase is referred to as the Green revolution.