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Ageing is related by
D. $C_{2}H_{4}$

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Hint: A process to become older with time is called ageing. Ageing refers to human and other living beings, but not related to bacteria, perennial plants, and some other animals are potentially biologically immortal.

Complete answer: ABA or Abscisic Acid regulates of stomatal closure, Controls the uptake and intake of water through root, Controls the abscission and senescence of leaf, Regulates the maturation and desiccation of embryo, and Controls the plant responses toward the environmental stimuli or stress.
CKN or cytokinin is adenine derived hormone that regulates chlorophyll development, Delay of leaf senescence, Cotyledonary cell expansion, Direct or indirect shoot bud formation, Stimulation of cell division and expansion, High concentration of cytokinin is inhibitory or delay root formation, it stimulates the nutrient mobilization and delay leaf senescence, and It also helps in over growth of apical induced by auxins.
GA or Gibberellin is the diterpene acids drive hormone which regulates Break the dormancy of seed, Induce the maleness, it stimulates parthenocarpy, it induces the delays in senescence, and It induces the formation of hydrolytic enzyme like lipase or amylase.
$C_{2}H_{4}$ or ethylene firstly ripening the fruits, regulates the aging in flower, controls leaves epinasty, stimulates the breaking of seed and bud dormancy, stimulates femaleness in plants, and performs lead function in apical hook formation in dicot plants.
So, the correct answer is “Option D”.

Note: Hormones are signaling chemical molecules or substances, found in both plants and animals. Plant hormones or phytohormones are those chemical substances that are used by plants for communication, coordination and development among the cells.