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Afferent nerve fibers carry impulses from?
A.Central nervous system to receptors
B.Central nervous system to muscles
C.Effector organs to central nervous system
D.Receptors to central nervous system

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Hint: Motor nerve fibers carry impulses away from the central nervous system. Afferent or sensory fibers transmit impulses to the central nervous system. Visceral fibers innervate internal organs, such as the heart and intestines, while body fibers innervate body wall structures, such as skin.

Complete answer:
Central nervous system to muscles: The peripheral nervous system is composed of 12 pairs of head nerves connected to the brain and 31 pairs of spinal nerves connected to the spinal cord. Sensory nerves transmit information from body receptors to the central nervous system. Motor nerves transmit information from the central nervous system to muscle fibers.

Central nervous system to receptors: Receptors are groups of specialized cells that detect changes in the environment (stimulus) and respond to electrical stimuli. Conscious organs contain groups of receptors that respond to specific stimuli.

Effector organs to the central nervous system: Based on sensory input and integration, the nervous system responds by sending signals to the muscles, causing the muscles to contract or come into contact with the glands, thereby causing secretion. Muscles and glands are called effectors because they produce effects in response to commands from the nervous system.

Receptors to the central nervous system: Our nervous system processes this information, so it may cause the body to react quickly. Response is a change in a part of the organism that is produced by the stimulus. It is important to note that it is not actually driven by stimuli, it just acts as a trigger.

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Hence the correct answer is OPTION(D)

Note: They have smooth round cell bodies located in the ganglia of the peripheral nervous system. Just outside the spinal cord, thousands of afferent neuron cell clusters gather in the swelling of the dorsal root called the dorsal root ganglia. Neurons that send impulses from the central nervous system to your limbs and organs are called efferent neurons.