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Why is it advised to cut off the power supply and switch off all the electrical appliances at times of floods ?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint:A flood occurs as water overflows and submerges normally dry land. In the context of "flowing water," the term may also refer to the tide's inflow. Floods are a research field in the discipline of hydrology, and they are a major source of concern in irrigation, structural engineering, and public health.

Complete answer:
Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, and the current passing through it will result in electric shocks. As a result, it is recommended to switch off the electricity during floods as if electrical equipment comes into contact with flood water during a flood, there is a significant risk of electric shock.

There are further hazards after the disaster, during the clean-up period, when the flood waters have dispersed, and there is a significant danger of electrocution from water-damaged equipment. During or during a flood, people often underestimate the risk of an electrical explosion. It's understandable that flood victims' minds are always preoccupied with other matters. But, it's necessary to check the electricity first when we enter a flooded home.

These are few of the safety measure:
-If water is in contact with electrical outlets, equipment, or cords in a flooded basement or other space, do not enter.
-If we have to stand in water to turn off the electricity at the breaker box, we should never attempt it.
-When we're wet or standing in water, never use electric equipment or touch electric cords, switches, or fuses.
-Electric instruments and devices should be held at least 10 feet free from wet surfaces.

Note: Every flood is unique. They can appear unexpectedly and disappear easily, or they can build up for days or even months before dissipating. They happen at irregular times, and it can be decades between major floods. However, there are several reports of several major flooding happening in a brief amount of time.