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What is the advantage of coelom?
A.It helps in movement in the circulatory system and other body organs.
B.It helps in the formation of a hard endoskeleton.
C.It helps in the formation of the digestive tract.
D.It provides mobility to the body.

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Hint:The coelom refers to the body cavity derived from the mesoderm germ layer and mainly found in multicellular animals and is positioned inside the body to surround and contain the digestive tract and other organs.

Complete answer:
A space inside the body is called the body cavity, the coelom is the true body cavity which is a fluid-filled body cavity that provides a more rigid structure than mesoderm for muscles to pull against and it is a more efficient skeletal support system. a cavity filled with fluid around the organs, it helps in providing a hydrostatic skeleton which helps in movement and it allows more efficient circulation of nutrients and removal of wastes. It allows the internal organs to move and it also helps to grow independently of the outer layer of the body wall. For example like annelids, molluscs, arthropods. Pseudocoelomate animals have a body cavity that is not lined by mesoderm. True coeloms come in two varieties: schizocoeloms and enterocoeloms. The coelom cavity contains a fluid known as coelomic fluid. Its main function is to separate the organs from the outer body, and it works to protect the organs from mechanical shock and trauma.
the correct option is C. It helps in the formation of the digestive tract.

Note:There are also subtypes of coelom:
Schizo-coelom: it is formed from a split part of the mesoderm which is found in annelids, arthropods, and molluscs.
Haemo-coelom: it is a true coelom reduced and a cavity filled with blood found from Arthropoda to Mollusca.
Entero-coelom: develops from the wall of embryonic gut found from Echinodermata to Chordata.