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Adult females tend to have less weight than adult males due to lesser development of
A. Muscles
B. Skeleton
C. Both muscles and skeleton
D. Fat

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The body of a woman is less broad than a male and has less average height than males. In addition, women are less muscular than men, on average.

Step by step answer:The physiological differences between males and females is due to hormones and the distinct pair of sex chromosomes. The females possess XX sex chromosomes and the males possess the XY chromosome. Due to this, there is also a difference in the sex hormones in males and females. The males produce higher amounts of testosterone which helps them to convert fat into muscles more rapidly. Also, this hormone is responsible for the denser and broader skeletal structure. On the other hand, females have higher amounts of a hormone called estrogen which does not help in converting fats into muscles. Females have a low level of testosterone and males have a low level of estrogen.
By comparing the structures of males and females for a wider introspection. Generally, males have denser and stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments. Males also have a more pronounced Adam's apple due to larger vocal cords and deeper voices. Male jaws are generally wider, larger, and squarer than the female.
So, the correct option is option C

Note: The genetic differences are also responsible for more production of antibodies in women. Women are also prone to depression, anxiety and mental stress disorders. Also, females experience menstrual cycles which allows them to bear children due to the genetic difference, unlike males.