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Adipose tissues store…………

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: About 20-$30\%$ or the total body weight is made up of adipose tissues. Adipose tissues are the special type of connective tissue which are made up of lipid rich cells called the adipocytes. These tissues store high energy giving molecules.

Complete answer-
We already know that the adipose tissues are specialized for storage. They contain adipocytes that are rich in lipids.
The adipose tissue is made up of adipose stem cells which give rise to new adipocytes. The adipose tissues are made up of three types of cells i.e adipocytes which store fat, mural endothelial and neuronal cells.
Location: The adipose tissues are located under the skin as subcutaneous fat, in the yellow bone marrow, around internal organs, in the breast tissue and also in the muscles.
Types- The adipose tissues are of three types- white, brown and beige adipose tissues.
Storage- It stores fat which is oxidized whenever the body needs energy. It stores the triglycerides produced from the liver. The adipose tissue is the centre where the lipids are produced from the carbohydrate.
1. They store energy in the form of fat.
2. The adipose tissues help in insulation of the body.
3. These tissues act as cushion to the internal organs.
4. Thus adipose tissues store fat.

The adipose tissues secrete enzymes like leptin, estrogen, cytokine and resistin. The white adipose tissues store energy and help in insulation, the brown and beige burn the energy and generate heat. The adipocytes are known as the fat depots.