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According to Dr. Fauja Singh and Dr.Kirpal Singh, Guru Govind Singh took ----Udasis

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: He is a British Sikh centenarian long-distance runner of Punjabi Indian plunge. He has beaten various world records in different age sections, yet none of his occasions have been endorsed as records. He was regularly prodded, and he was called by the epithet "danda" for "stick") for the following ten years. As a youngster, Singh was an ardent beginner sprinter, however he surrendered it at the hour of the Partition of India.

Complete answer:
It was simply after seeing the demise of his fifth child, Kuldip, in a development mishap in August $1994$, that Singh got back to his enthusiasm for running, $1995$. Inconveniences in the wake of bringing forth his third granddaughter gave him. He emigrated to England during the $1990$s and lives with one of his children in Ilford. For $89$ years, he paid attention to running and wound up in global long-distance race occasions. At the point when he originally turned ready for preparing at Redbridge, Essex, he was wearing a tuxedo. The mentor needed to adjust everything, including his clothing. As per his mentor, he used to approach $20$ kilometers effectively and needed to run a long-distance race, believing it to be only $26$ kilometers and not $26$ miles ($42$kilometers).
 It was after he understood this that he started preparing genuinely. At $93$ years-old, Singh finished a long-distance race in six hours and $54$ minutes. This thumped $58$ minutes off the past world best for anybody in the $90$ or more age section. In $2004$, he was highlighted in a publicizing effort for active apparel . Producer Adidas close by David Beckham and Muhammad Ali. He is the oldest of a gathering of Sikhs who call themselves "Sikhs in the City", framed more than $10$ years back. There were three different Sikhs, matured $79,79$ and $80$, in the "Blasts from the past" group which ran the Edinburgh Marathon transfer in $2009$. The SITC running gathering is now an entrenched group situated in East London, running long-distance races over the world with interfaith gatherings and fund-raising for Fauja Singh's foundations.

As a youngster, Singh was a devoted beginner sprinter, yet he surrendered it at the hour of the Partition of India. Also, assumed responsibility for Cabinet Minister of Department of General Administration, Parliamentary Affairs and Cooperatives in Government of Madhya Pradesh. He has filled in as a pastor in the state administration of Madhya Pradesh and as a senior Indian National Congress (INC) party pioneer. Singh has held different pastoral posts since his first such arrangement in December $1998$. Also, is both a VP of the Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee and an individual from the All India Congress Committee. Udasi is a strict order of parsimonious sadhus focused in northern India. The Udasis were key translators of the Sikh way of thinking and the caretakers of significant Sikh sanctums until the Akali development. They carried numerous proselytes into the Sikh crease during the eighteenth and the mid-nineteenth hundreds of years.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: Based on the Puratan Janam Sakhi and the Vars of Bhai Gurdas, a few antiquarians guarantee the quantity of Udasis attempted by Guruji is four though a few history specialists guarantee it to be five in number. Be that as it may, Dr.Fauja Singh and Dr.Kirpal Singh demonstrated the quantity of Udasis as three which is viewed as right. "Udasi" is derived from the Sanskrit word udas ("separation"), and may imply impassion to or renunciation of common concerns.