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Abha made two bracelets using beads. She has $15$ more beads with her. If she used $x$ beads to make the bracelets, how many beads she had with her?

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint: It is given in the above question that a certain number of beads is possessed by Abha, which is not given. So we can let them equal to an unknown variable $y$. From these $y$ numbers of beads, she made two bracelets, in which she used $x$ number of beads. Also, it is given in the question that after making the bracelets from the beads, she had $15$ more beads remaining with her. So the number of beads used in making the bracelets will be equal to the difference between the initial and the final number of beads. This will be equated to $x$ and from this equation we can determine $y$, the number of beads she had in the beginning.

Complete step by step answer:
Let the number of beads with her be equal to $y$.
According to the question, the number of beads remaining with her after making the bracelets is equal to $15$. So the number of beads used in making the bracelets, which is given to be equal to $x$, can be given by
$\Rightarrow x=y-15$
Adding $15$ both sides, we get
  & \Rightarrow x+15=y-15+15 \\
 & \Rightarrow x+15=y \\
 & \Rightarrow y=x+15 \\

Hence, she had a total of $\left( x+15 \right)$ beads with her.

Note: We must note that the number of bracelets made by Abha, which is given to be equal to two, is just given to confuse us. This information cannot be exploited in any way so that a mathematical equation can be formed. We knew the number of beads in each bracelet, then we could determine the unknown value $x$ and the final answer would also not be in the unknown form of $\left( x+15 \right)$.