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A weed belonging to family Asteraceae which has spread in all parts of India is
A. Nicotiana
B. Oryza
C. Parthenium
D. Hordeum

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Hint: Weed is any undesirable plant which grows in a cultivated or irrigated land. The term weed is also referred to those plants which reproduce or grow aggressively or are invasive to their natural habitat. Weeds also attract useful insects, which in turn protects plants from the harmful pests. It also reduces moisture loss and prevents erosion.

Complete answer:
Asteraceae, also called Compositae, includes herbs, shrubs, and trees distributed throughout the world. It is an exceedingly widespread family of flowering plants with more than 23,600 currently accepted species. An actinomorphic flower is a type of flower that possesses radial symmetry that is a flower which can be divided by more than one line passing through the middle of the flower, into two equal parts are known as actinomorphic flowers. In many members of the Asteraceae e.g., sunflowers the outer flowers have a well-developed zygomorphic corolla, and the inner (disk) flowers have a small actinomorphic corolla. The inner disk flowers generally are complete. In family Asteraceae, the flowers are arranged in disc florets. Each flower contains 5 anthers.
A weed is particularly a plant which is used in a wrong manner and place. It can become toxic if taken in unknown or excessive quantities. There are some plants in this family, which can be consumed as a weed.
Option A: Nicotiana: It is a member of the family Solanaceae. It is a herbaceous plant referred to as tobacco plants.
Option B: Oryza: It is the other name of the rice. It is the staple food in Southern India.
Option C: Parthenium: It is a weed native to America. It belongs to the family Asteraceae. It has invaded India and Australia, destroying man health, crops etc. It is also called famine weed.
Option D: Hordeum: It is the other name of the crop Barley. It is used as flour in India which is very nutritious.

So the right answer is the option (C), Parthenium.

Safflower is one other flower which belongs to the Asteraceae family. The oil of this flower helps to avoid hardening of the arteries. It is an annual plant. They have a bitter taste but are good for health. It is called the poor man’s saffron. It is found in parts of Asia and Africa.