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A twelfth century inscription from Uyyakondan Udaiyar, in Tiruchirappalli Taluk (in present day Tamil Nadu), describes the deliberations in a ______ of Brahmanas.
A) Clan
B) Sabha
C) Community
D) None

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Hint: Inscriptions are writings which are etched on metals or are engraved on stones in ancient times. They are mostly found in southern parts of India and were found to etch or engrave on copper plates, on the stones of the buildings etc.

Complete answer:
All the names of the inscriptions connoting handsomeness, five in number, refer only to Siva. The use of the name Udaiyar seems to be post-Kulottunga I. Except its meaning, one possesses a person (i.e., a devotee), the significance of the name is not clear. To judge by the example udaiya alagiya devar, it may be understood that Udaiyar is surely attributed to Siva. udaiyars meaning is possessor, udaiyar indicates that the god bearing this name is possessor of the or the temple.
A twelfth century inscription from the Uyyakondan Udaiyar in Tiruchirappalli Taluk ( in present day Tamil Nadu), describes the deliberations in a sabha of Brahmanas. They deliberated on the status of a group known as rathakaras (literally, chariot makers). They laid down their occupations, which were to include architecture, building chariots and coaches, erecting gateways for temples with images in them, preparing wooden equipment said to perform sacrifices, building mandapas, making jewels for the king.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B).

Note: An estimated 100,000 inscriptions have been found till date. Many of these have been translated and cataloged. These inscriptions corroborate information from many other sources, give locations of significant events, the dates, trace detailed royal genealogies, and provide an insight into the early Indian political structure, religious practices and legal codes. They also document development and use of written languages in India.