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When a tree is shaken, its fruits and leaves fall down: why?

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint:Isaac Newton established some laws. The rule specifies that unless and until an external force is applied to a body, it will remain in the same state of motion. He also said that the earth applies a force of attraction to everything on the planet, which is known as gravity, which draws an object towards its centre.

Complete answer:
The fruits and dry leaves are initially in a state of rest and have rest inertia. When we shake a tree branch, the tree moves, while the fruits and leaves appear to stay still. The fruits and leaves become separated from the branch as a result of the inertia of rest, and the branch tips down due to gravity.

Inertia is a property of a body that causes it to stay or appear to remain in the same state of motion unless and until it is acted upon by an external force.There are three kinds of inertia: rest inertia, motion inertia, and path inertia. When we pound a carpet with a stick, dust flies out of it, which is an example of inertia. When we violently shake a tree's roots, some leaves become separated because the branches move, while the leaves appear to stay at rest due to inertia.

Note:Because of the inertia of rest, the fruits and dry leaves break when the tree is shook. The force of gravity is what causes the fruits and leaves to collapse spontaneously without any force. Gravity affects our bodies, whether they are at rest or in motion. When an external force is applied to inertia, however, it changes.