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When a shot is fired from a gun, the gun gets recoiled. Explain.

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint:According to Newton's Third Law of Motion, "to any action there is an equal and opposite reaction." It is important to note that action and reaction always have different effects on different things. If one object exerts a force on another, the second object immediately exerts a force on the first object, according to the Third Law of Motion. The magnitude of these two forces is always equal, but their direction is always opposite.

Complete answer:
When a gun fires a projectile, the gun applies forward force to the bullet. This is the driving force behind everything that happens. In the backward direction, the bullet exerts the same force on the gun. The reaction force is what it's called. The gun only moves a small distance backward due to its large mass, causing a jerk at the gunman's shoulder. The recoil of a gun refers to its backward movement. The backward movement of the gun is called the recoil of the gun.

Note:Remember Newton's Third Law of Motion. We should understand that when a gun fires a projectile, the gun exerts a force on the bullet that propels it forward. The action force is the name given to this force. In the backward direction, the bullet also exerts an equal and opposite force on the gun. As a result, when a bullet is shot from a rifle, it recoils.