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A nocturnal rodent producing pig-like grunts are
A. Porcupine
B. Guinea pig
C. Rat
D. Beaver.

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Hint: The animal that does their activities like hunting or feeding in the night and sleeps in the daylight is called nocturnal animals. It is a behavioral characteristic found in specific species which comprises highly developed sensory systems like hearing, eyesight, or smell. These are mainly predatory animals that take advantage of the darkness to catch their prey.

Complete answer:
Porcupine belongs to the class Mammalia, order Rodentia. It is a type of rodent that possesses sharp spine-like projections all over the body. These projections are called quills. Quills help the porcupine to save from the predators.
There are two types of porcupine found in nature. These are Hystricidae and Erethizontidae. Hystricidae and Erethizontidae are commonly known as old-world porcupine and the new world porcupine respectively. The length of the porcupine varies between 60-90 cm with a tail ranging from 20 cm to 25 cm. Many color variations are found in the porcupine. These are grey, white or brown.
Porcupines are nocturnal animals that mean they are active in the night. In the night they sound like the pig grunts.
So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

Note: Nocturnal animals have adapted several body characteristics that help them to serve their activities in the dark. These adaptations involve an increase in eye size in comparison to the body that results in better vision in the night (example owls), highly developed, and big ears which helps the creature to hear clearly. Examples of nocturnal animals are bat, owls, bushbabies, rabbits, etc.
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