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How can a mixture of sand and sulphur be separated effectively?

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Hint: We know that we have to remember that isolating the valuable material from a combination is regularly an issue in industry. In mining, the mineral metals that are required are blended in with pointless stone called gangue.

Complete answer:
We must have to know that the combination of sand and sulfur may best be isolated by Dissolving in carbon disulfide and filtering. Gather the buildup (Sand and Sulfur powder) and break down it in carbon disulphide. Sulfur breaks down in carbon disulphide yet sand is insoluble in carbon disulphide. Channel the arrangement and dissipate it to get sulfur. Sand is dried on channel paper.
Mixtures of sand and sulphur may best be separated by Dissolving in \[{{CS}_{2}}\] and filtering. Sand and Sulphur powders is collected and dissolve it in Carbon disulphide \[\left( C{{S}_{2}} \right).\] Sand is insoluble in carbon disulphide whereas sulphur is soluble in carbon disulphide. Filter the solution and evaporate it to get sulphur. Sand is dried on filter paper.

Remember that we must have to remember that the combination of sand and sulfur may best be isolated by sublimation measure. First take the combination of the sand and sulfur in a bowl. Then put that bowl on a Bunsen burner by covering the highest point of the bowl with another bowl. Then warmth that shut the bowl by Bunsen burner for at some point. Then eliminate the upper bowl, the sulfur should be stuck into the internal surface of the upper bowl because of sublimation and then in the lower bowl the sand remains as the leftover of the sublimation.
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