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A healthy person eats a very high – protein diet. What will be the effect on the person’s urine?
A. It will contain amino acids.
B. It will contain glucose.
C. It will contain more urea.
D. It will contain more water.

Last updated date: 24th Jun 2024
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Hint: Proteins are biomolecules; these molecules provide most of the molecular machinery of cells, all the enzymes or catalysts are proteins. Some proteins also play an important role in body structure or machinery roles like that form the struts and joints of cytoskeleton.

Complete answer:
Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, means amino acids are monomer units of proteins each amino acid is linked with other amino acids by a peptide bond. Proteins are digested into smaller peptide chains by the action of hydrochloric acid; this acid enhances the activations of protease enzymes. The amino acid is contained, the amine group, when protein is broken down, urea is synthesized as a by-product. But the body cells do not require urea, so urea is released with urine. Hence if the person takes high protein in the diet, he/ she will release urine with a high concentration of urea.
So, the correct answer is “Option c”.

Additional Information:
When protein digests, nitrogen is released, which combines with other elements, such carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from urea. Urea is a chemical waste product, because it is not required by the body. Then urea reaches the kidneys through the bloodstream. Kidneys filter urea and other waste products from blood. The filtered waste removed from the body through urine.

Note: Uremia is a serious medical condition; in such condition urea is accumulated in the blood. Kidneys help in the filtration of waste and uremia is a symptom of kidney failure because kidneys lack the ability to remove waste from bloodstream.