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A few statements describing certain features of reproduction are given below:
(i) Gametic fusion takes place
(ii) Transfer of genetic material takes place
(iii) Reduction division takes place
(iv) Progeny have some resemblance with parents
Select the options that are true for both asexual and sexual reproduction from the options given below.
A. (i) and (ii)
B. (ii) and (iii)
C. (ii) and (iv)
D. (i) and (iii)

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Hint: Reduction division (Meiosis) takes place during gamete formation, and the gametes fuse to form zygote, that further develops into a new individual. The two processes, meiosis and fertilization occur in one of the two given modes of reproduction.

Complete Answer:
Reproduction is a vital process through which each organism produces offspring of its own kind. The two modes of reproduction are – asexual and sexual reproduction. Differences between the asexual and sexual reproduction are given below:

Sl.NoAsexual ReproductionSexual Reproduction
1.Only one individual is capable of producing offspring of their own kind through this type of reproduction.In sexual reproduction, generally two individuals are involved, one is paternal and the other is maternal. But in monoecious or homothallic species one individual is capable of producing offspring.
2.It does not involve the union of sex cells or gametes. In other words syngamy or fertilization is absent.Fusion (fertilization) of sperm cell i.e., male gamete and ovum or egg cell i.e., female gamete takes place. Syngamy is present.
3.Meiosis or reduction division is not necessary to complete the process.Meiosis or reduction division is a necessary step for production of gametes.
4.Offspring produced are morphologically and genetically identical to each other as well as to the parent.The offsprings produced are genetically unique. They possess some similarities with both the parents and they have some unique characters.
5.Different types of asexual reproduction are – binary fission, budding, sporogenesis, fragmentation, parthenogenesis and apomixes etc.Syngamy and conjugation are examples of sexual reproduction.

Thus, the correct answer is C.

Note: Asexual reproduction is the primary mode of reproduction in unicellular prokaryotic organisms while sexual reproduction is the most common method of reproduction in multicellular eukaryotes.