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A common example of an individual-owned and a community-owned resource is _______.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Resources can be categorized into two based on their ownership. They are individually owned resources and community owned resources. Individually owns resources are either created by an individual using natural resources or a natural resource present within their power backed by legal contracts. Community owned resources are resources that are shared within a community.

Complete answer:
A source is an object, a facility, a person, or an information that can be taken in the form of an aid or supplies for the users.
There are two types of resources in the world, Natural resources and Man-made resources. Natural resources occur in the environment over a long exposure to the natural elements. They can be any body of water or an overgrown tree. Man-made resources are utilities made by humans with the help of natural objects and resources. For example, to make machineries, we use naturally occurred metals as raw materials. To make these products out of natural materials, specific sets of skills are required.

According to the type of use and the people who are using it, resources are categorized into two. They are, individually owned resources and community owned resources. Individually owned resources are objects or properties of a person backed up by long term custody or legal bonds. They can also be someone’s own property by the fact that they are the keepers of that. Both man-made and natural resources can be one’s property through legal bonds, but conventionally natural resources are not bound to any individuals. Community properties are objects or properties owned by a group of people or a community. Communal libraries and houses are the examples in this category.

In some cases, some resources can be both individually owned and community owned. For example, ponds are present in almost all the regions. They are naturally made in most scenarios and individuals can easily create man-made ponds in their property. Even if the pond is situated in an individual’s property or attached to an individual owned building, in some cases they are opened to the people in the community. On the other hand, communities also build ponds within their village limits.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note: The availability of natural resources is linked with the production of all man-made resources. The importance of each natural element must be known and then those resources must be conserved. That throughout our lives, we should be able to use them and save them for our future generations as well. We may assist in resource conservation by carefully using each natural resource and enabling it to regenerate itself within nature. We must also concentrate on sustainable growth, a way of using and managing the use of each resource optimally. And we will all contribute to a safe and resourceful world by doing so.