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A coin is tossed if it shows a tail, we draw a ball from a box which contains 2 red and 3 black balls if it shows head, and we throw a die. Find the sample space for this experiment.

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Hint: The sample space of an experiment i.e., all the possible outcomes.

Complete step-by-step answer:
The box contains 2 red balls and 3 black balls.
Let us denote the 2 red balls as $ {R_1} $ and $ {R_2} $ , 3 black balls as $ {B_1},{B_2} $ and $ {B_3} $ .
Also, it is given that if the head shows, we throw a die and we know that a die has 6 faces.
Here, H=Head and T=Tail.
The sample space of this experiment is given by
 $ S = T{R_1},T{R_2},T{B_1},T{B_2},T{B_3},{H_1},{H_2},{H_3},{H_4},{H_5},{H_6} $.

Note: The conditions given in the question must be analyzed properly, and no possibilities must be missed in order to get the appropriate answer.