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“A challenge is an opportunity for progress”. Support the statement with your arguments.

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: Challenges are the one which drives a person towards the problem-solving ability and enhances it further. It is similar to saying “smooth seas do not make skilful sailors” i.e. only when there are challenges, there will be learning.

Complete answer: A challenge is always an opportunity for progress and it is rightly said, a challenge creates a path for, gives you a better perspective of how you can look ahead and overcome any obstacle. Moreover, it provides us with an opportunity to the people, for instance, talking about the democracy there is always a challenge, that with any amendment any bill there is always a section of the society which remains unsatisfied, therefore new ways are looked up to through which all the people are profited in a much better manner thereby making progress. Challenges also affect a persons' critical thinking, giving it a broader scope. Challenges are the one which drives a person towards the problem-solving ability and enhance it further, for example in this digital era where everyone and everything is going online there are various challenges to overcome but with brainstorming and abilities to work, it is leading to create opportunities for the skilled and unskilled workers thus making progress with every small milestone we achieve.

Note: It is always said, “challenges are meant to be challenged”. Therefore, one must draw a distinction between this. Facing problems with dare and confidence shows a good sign of you to achieve something new and progress in life. It requires people to take one step at a time and not rush things nor avoid challenges.