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A body weighs \[12N\] on the surface of the moon. What is its weight on the surface of the Earth?
A) $72N$
B) $2N$
C) $24N$
D) Zero

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint:Recall the concept of force of gravity. It is a phenomenon in which all the things that have mass and energy tend to move towards each other. In other words, they attract each other. It exists between all the bodies in the universe. It is the weakest force in nature. It acts along the line joining the centre of two objects, so it is also called central force.

Complete step by step answer:
Step I:
Given that the weight of the body on the surface of moon is $12N$,
It is known that the force of gravity on the moon is lesser than that on the Earth. The force of gravity on the moon is \[\dfrac{1}{6}\]times that of earth.
If the weight of the body on the surface of Earth is known, then it will weigh six times more on Earth.
The weight of the body on Earth will be$6 \times 12 = 72N$

Step II:
$ \Rightarrow $Option A is the correct answer.

Note:It is important to remember that the force of gravity depends on the mass and the distance between the two objects. It is directly proportional to the product of masses and inversely proportional to the square of distance between them. The lesser the distance between the objects, the stronger will be the force of gravity between them and they attract each other. The mass of the moon of Earth is less than that of the Earth itself. Also the moon is $60\% $ dense as that of Earth and is smaller in size than Earth. Therefore, it has less force of gravity than Earth.