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A body falling freely towards the earth has
A. uniform speed
B. uniform velocity
C. uniform acceleration
D. none of these

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Hint: We consider acceleration to be constant near the surface of the earth. Therefore a freely falling body experiences the acceleration due to gravity which is constant equal to $g=10{m/{s^2}}$.

Complete answer:
For a freely falling body the gravitational force of attraction pulls it towards the surface of the earth. This gravitational force is due to the uniform acceleration due to gravity which is considered constant near the surface of the earth and is equal to $g=10{m/{s^2}}$.

Thus a freely falling body falls with the uniform acceleration and so it has non zero velocity or the velocity keeps on increasing. Due to the uniform acceleration of the freely falling body even the speed is not uniform and keeps changing. Therefore a body falling freely towards earth has uniform acceleration.

Hence, option C is the correct answer.

Additional information:
The acceleration due to gravity helps us to find out the weight of any body. Weight may be defined as a force with which the earth attracts any particle towards itself and is given as,
$Weight = mass \times acceleration$

Note:The value of acceleration due to gravity varies insignificantly if the distance between the freely falling particle and the surface is very small as compared to the radius of the earth and therefore the acceleration due to gravity is considered uniform near the surface of the earth.