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Why is a bat included under mammals?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Bats are considered under the order Chiroptera, kingdom Animalia and class Mammalia. Bats are nocturnal, that is, they fly at night while sleep in the daytime on barks, rocks, buildings.

Complete answer: Bats are included under class Mammalia because they match most of the characteristics which come under class Mammalia, that is, they give birth to young ones though they fly which is considered to be a characteristic of the class Aves and according to the characteristics of this class, one should lay eggs but bats give birth to young ones which is an exception and one of the reasons for bat being considered as mammals. Other reasons for a bat being considered as mammals are they have mammary glands to produce milk to feed the young ones. They have mammary hairs and fur on their body. Therefore, they are considered mammals. Bats have forelimbs which are modified into wings which help them in flying. Although they have wings as aves they are mammals. They are considered to be the only mammals that are capable of sustained flight. The wings of the bats are thinner than birds and more flexible.

Note: Some important information about these mammals-
There are more than 1200 species that are identified and recognized. The bats have the ability to fly and communicate at night which is done by the process of echolocation. Echolocation helps them to detect danger from different directions and communicate to their group mates about the danger. Bats also help in pollination which is termed as chiropterophily. The droppings of the bats are used for agricultural purposes.