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A bat can fly like a bird yet it is not treated as a bird, because it
A. Has mammalian character
B. Has no feathers like a bird
C. Hangs upside down on a branch
D. Cannot fly high like a bird

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: Bat is classified as a mammal. But bats can fly with his wings. Also, birds can fly with wings. The presence of feathery wings is and flying is a characteristic feature of birds. The presence of mammary glands is a characteristic feature of mammals.

Step by step answer:Birds have feathers on wings to fly. These are modified from forelimbs. Bones provide support to these. The wings of the bat are the modification of skin. Skin modifies to fly and form a wing-like structure. So, the wings of bats and birds are not similar. Bat has mammary glands as a characteristic feature of mammals. Also, the bat is viviparous which is a mammalian character.
The structure of bones in both types of wings are similar. Because all bones in both types of wings are similar. Humerus, radius, ulna, and metacarpals are present. Also, these organs of both bat and birds provided support by muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Both structures are analogous. Because their origin is not the same but the structure is similar and both are adapted to fly. These structures are part of convergent evolution.

Additional Information:
Homologous structures are those structures in which origin is the same while functions are different just opposite to analogous structures. Homologous structures are part of divergent evolution.

Note: Wings of insects and birds are also analogous structures. In insects, wings are derived from the cuticle.