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A ball rolling along a floor does not continue rolling indefinitely. This is because of:
A. Friction
B. Mass of the body
C. Earth’s gravity
D. Force of attraction

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Hint: Here we have to examine each of the options one by one to get the correct answer.The concept of resisting force is applied here.

Complete step by step answer:Friction: Friction is the resistance of one object moving relative to another in response to motion. Like gravity or electromagnetism, it is not a fundamental force. Instead, scientists claim it is the product of the electric attraction between two interacting surfaces between charged particles. Friction is needed in all types of motions. We can walk properly because of friction. Friction is applied on car brakes.
Mass of the body: Mass, the quantitative measure of inertia in physics, is the basic property of all matter. In essence, it is the resistance that the body of matter provides upon the application of a force to a change in its speed or location. The larger a body’s mass, the less the change that an applied force produces.
Earth’s gravity: An intangible force that pushes objects towards each other is gravity. The gravity of the world is what holds us to the ground and what allows objects to fall. Gravity on Earth emerges from all of its mass. All of its mass produces a combined gravitational force on the body’s whole mass.
Force of attraction: Force of attraction is a force that because of its attraction draws the body close. Gravitational force is a very well-identified instance of attraction force when it attracts objects, independent of their distance, to itself. The type of force that induces objects to come together is the force of attraction, even though those objects are not close to or touching each other is the force of attraction.
Hence, we can say that a ball rolling along a floor does not continue rolling indefinitely. This is because of: friction. Frictional force stops the ball from rolling on the floor indefinitely.

Therefore, option A is correct.

Note:Here we may get confused as all the forces may appear the same. But we should remember that only frictional force is the resisting force.