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What Do You Want To Be?

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A Medley to the Vibes of Boring Studies

The poem adds a medley to the vibes of boring studies. And kids are always fond of songs and poems. They love to interact hastily. They love to learn things while enjoying the atmosphere. 

Since our childhood, everyone has asked us the same question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We all had a vision of being in a profession where sometimes we want to become a doctor, engineer, or astronaut. These kinds of thoughts always come up in our minds. But we never thought of the profession for this question “What do you want to be?” Let’s see what a poem says about it.

What do you want to be?

What Do You Want To Be?

Theme of the Poem

This poem is all related to children's future career choices. With the help of this poem, they will discover about professions, and also it will take their mind toward a goal that will help them to work on themselves.

What Do You Want To Be Lyrics

What Do You Want To Be?

Do you wanna be a scientist

A doctor or an astronaut

There are so many things

That you could be

It’s hard to choose the

One you want

What do you wanna be, oh

Tell me

What do you wanna be, oh

When you grow up

What do you wanna be, oh

Tell me

What do you wanna be, oh

A sailor

When you grow up

When you grow up

Why Should Kids Learn This Poem?

This poem is a good start to letting your child decide what they want to be.

In this article, we will learn about a poem best for kids to let them know what they can be.

Main Points of the Poem

What You Want to Be ” is a very famous nursery rhyme that is used to teach children in primary school. What do you want to be lyrics that have easy-to-pronounce words and match the beat with each other perfectly which can be easily sung and learned by kids.

The phrases of the rhyme include professions such as scientists, astronauts, sailors, etc. These professions can be visualized by the kids in cartoons. In this way, they can relate to and acknowledge the rhyme very well.

Effect of the Poem on Kids

The poem is all about professional preference. It reflects that there are so many choices of profession, and you have choices for the same. 

This poem will help our kids to discover career choices, and also get to know what they want to be. This poem will add confidence of authority to what I want to be, the word I am all about. I can do it, or I will do what I want to. It will help them to improve the vision of the profession and their morale. it will help them to have a vision of growth and intelligence. It will inspire and nurture them to be self-assured, loved, and exceptional.

illustration of the poem

Illustration of The Poem

Learning Outcomes from Poem

We should always motivate kids to pursue a career in their future, and let them do what they want to do. Children's dreams may look unrealistic, yet they will follow them on their path. Goals for children should be encouraged, heard, and respected since children with high ambitions are more motivated and have better life outcomes.

It's our responsibility to let them know the value of a good and favorite career choice. It is always not about how much we are earning from this, it's about how much we are satisfied with the work. Be patient and constructive with your kids. Let them discover themselves. Let them know their capabilities.


This poem what can you do it's about career choices this poem can act as a first step to learning about career choices for your kids it's an easy-to-pronounce and learn poem this poem has names of those professions to which a child can interact easily this poem will help them to explore more about themselves what are their capable of what are their abilities. It's just not a poem it's a way to learn something new about life for kids

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FAQs on What Do You Want To Be?

1. Is this poem reliable for kindergarten Kids?

Yes, it's an easy-to-learn rhyme. This poem is full of easy and new words.

2. How can we make this poem more interesting for kids?

Adding hand motions and gestures to the rhyme's words can make it more appealing.

3. What are similar poems to “What do you want to be”?

This rhyme follows a pattern, just like the others do. This rhyme follows a pattern, just like the others do. If you compare the verses, you will notice that the rhyme verses all follow a similar format. There are many different possible substitutes for the rhyme.

The following are some possible alternatives:

  • What do I want to be?

  • Career day poem 

  • When I grow up

  • The Sailor