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Shirley Bauer Poems - Trees

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About the Poem

We all must have read a lot about trees and their benefits in our lives. They are indeed a very important part of every living organism on this planet Earth. The poet Shierly Bauer, thus, has tried to throw some light upon the vital roles that trees around us play in our day-to-day lives. Through this poem, the writer wanted to enhance the importance of trees in the lives of every human being. 

This poem, therefore, gives a message on how trees play a crucial role in providing us with many benefits and facilities that we often overlook but should be thankful for. Along with providing shelter to the birds and animals, they also provide us with manure, wood as well as timber. The writer also brings an insight on how trees provide us shelter and becomes a medium of entertainment as the children like to play under trees, climb up the trees, swing under them, and also adults like to enjoy tea parties with their family and friends. 

In the first four lines, the poets wanted to draw the focus on how trees play a crucial role in giving shelter to the animals and especially the birds who come and sit on the branches of trees under the shade when they are tired of flying. They also make nests to lay eggs and to bring up their babies. Children also play under the trees as they provide shade to them. They like to climb up the trees, make tree houses, and even swing to play around every day.

The next few lines focus upon the aesthetic and natural beauty that the threes provide to our planet. The trees let the wind blow through them so that we can enjoy looking at the trees where the leaves are blowing and giving a beautiful scenic beauty to nature. The wind keeps us cool and standing in front of a tree lets us enjoy the cold wind through them. It also says that the children play hide and seek around the trees and the tea parties are organised by people under the shade of the tree. Eventually, sometimes the kites also get caught in the branches of the trees. 

In the next few lines, the poet focuses upon the importance of trees in day-to-day life. The poet tells us that the trees provide shade during a hot summer day although the shade is not required during the time of winter and is only needed in the next season that is in summer. Trees also provide us with different varieties of fruits like apples and pears without asking for any favour in return. In the last line, the poet tells us that Timber is also very important in day-to-day life of a human being and the trees also provide us with that.

Poem by Shirley Bauer

Poem by Shirley Bauer 

About the Poet: Shierly Bauer

Shirley Bauer was an English poet who was born in a farmhouse in Cissna Park on October 24th 1932. She was the daughter of Emil and Rose Schmitt. She then graduated from McClusky High school in the year 1962 and then joined the nursing school in Bismarck. For the next 41 years, she served as a nurse at St. Alexius Hospital. She loves to travel and spend time with her friends and she was also an avid baseball fan. On October 14, 1951, she got married to Melvin Charles in Cessna park and they were happily married for 67 years. They were blessed with four children. The poet taught in Sunday school for many years and she was also a founding member of Christian Bible Church.

The Poem: Trees

Trees by Shirley Bauer

Trees are for birds.

Trees are for children.

Trees are to make tree houses in.

Trees are to swing swings on.

Trees are for the wind to blow through.

Trees are to hide behind in HIDE AND SEEK.

Trees are to have tea parties under.

Trees are for kites to get caught in.

Trees are to make cool shade in summer.

Trees are to make no shade in winter.

Trees are for apples to grow on and pears.

Trees are to chop down and call TIMBER-R-R!

Trees make mothers say,

“What a lovely picture to paint!”

Trees make fathers say,

“What a lot of leaves to rake this fall !”

Summary of the Poem

The poem Trees by Shirley Bauer is a beautiful piece that describes the beauty of the trees through its acentric lines about the importance of trees in the day-to-day life of every person. It also emphasises upon the fact that trees are the saviour not only for birds and animals but also for human beings. Trees play a very different role in the life of every person. Trees are the homes for birds as they provide shelter to them and they find food as well. 

Trees are also an essential part of growing up children as they play around them, make three houses, and also swing under the tree as they keep providing shade. In the hot summer season, the cool winds that are blown through the branches of the trees are enjoyed by one and all. It makes the hot summer comfortable for everyone. All of these make the childhood of the young ones very memorable for them. Not only the children but also elders arrange the parties under the tree in order to enjoy the view of nature.

The trees also provide food for humans, animals, and birds. The juicy fruits like mango pears and apples are grown in trees that provide food to people, birds as well as animals. The trees also help to make beautiful furniture as well as decorative pieces for houses. Some people like to cherish the beauty of the trees while some like to use the dried fallen leaves. The poem describes the utility of the trees by people in different ways.

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FAQs on Shirley Bauer Poems - Trees

1. What is the main idea of the poem “Trees”?

The main idea of the poem is that the trees are an essential part of human beings as they not only provide a livelihood to the animals and the birds but also help in regulating the lives of people in many ways on a day-to-day basis. 

2. What is the message that the poem provides?

The main message of the poem is that “trees are man’s best friend and the essential part of livelihood”.