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Science Poems for Kids

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Introduction to Science Poem for Kids

One of the most fascinating yet challenging subjects to study is Science. Children who are just beginning out may find it a little bit overwhelming but learning Science can be made fun with the help of some fascinating rhyming poems on Science. But it doesn't mean kids can't enjoy learning about their favourite subject. Poems can be a pleasant approach to teaching kids Science and make them fond of the subject. Science can frequently seem monotonous to kids, and they may react with rejection.

Children Enjoying Science and Science Poems

Children Enjoying Science and Science Poems 

So, here are some Science poems for kids that will help build vocabulary skills and create familiarity with scientific concepts like electricity, acids, elements, and more! 

Poem on Achievements of India in Science and Technology 

I am proud to be an Indian,

My country is one in million,

There was a time when India was left with nothing,

But today, it’s flourishing like anything,

Whether it’s in the field of science, medicine, or agriculture,

India is improving years by years in its infrastructure,

April 19, 1975, was India’s remarkable day

India’s satellite Aryabhata was on its way,

The mission proved to be a failure,

But this didn’t change scientist’s behaviour,

Bhaskara-1 1979 was launched in space,

And it added to India’s grace,

‘Sare Jahan Se Acha’, Rakesh Sharma exclaimed,

When P.M. asked how did our India look from space,

In 2008, we were ready to explore the beauty of the moon,

Chandaryaan-1 was ready to set off soon,

How could the red planet stays away from the sight,

Mangalyaan was ready to set its flight,

Technology plays its role in every part,

How can it leaves the skies and sees apart,

The defence was the major part of the priority,

We can’t play with our country’s security,

In 1978, the birth of Durga the test-tube baby was a mystery,

Later in 2005, it claimed to be a history,

DNA fingerprinting, a new kind of identification,

Because it gives persons clarification,

The Supreme power of the computer was produced,

When the supercomputer PARAM was introduced,

It had been through ages,

India was going through these stages,

We can see the magic of science and technology in our day-to-day life,

Without it we are unable to, survive,

From the refrigerator to microwave from fan to A.C,

Everywhere is science and technology as far we can see,

It has made our life easy and nice,

Now we do each and everything in precise,

I am lucky to witness India’s development,

And I salute every Indian on their achievements.

Science poetry for kids by Mary Ann Fennelly By Sumedha Arora 

Poem on National Science Day/ National Technology Day

May 11 is annually observed as National Technology Day,

On this day, nuclear devices were put to test,

After the test, all embraced each other at the dick fest.

Hansa-3 aircraft and Trishul missile were also test flown on this day,

Both flew and performed well all the way,

Kept all our tensions at bay,

And made us all very happy and gay.

The Wonder of Science Poem English 

Science is a treasure,

Difficult to measure...

Science is a boon,

Its magic is carrying the man to the moon...

Science of universal ecology,

Narrated by biology…


Plants and animals have

Their separate morphology…

Section of treatment and cure for danger,

Biology provides a magical chamber…

Physics is the science of

Relations and notions,

For which technology moves

With gradual motions…

World of creation,

World of resources,

Together bonded with

Gravitational force…

Science of statistics,

Played with mathematics

Wonders of geometry,

Aspiring the heights of earthly creativity…

In the world of scientific creation,

Mathematics is searching for its solutions…

Science the wonder

Science the great,

Constructing bridges of

Success and faith…

Rapidly developing nations and states…

Wonder of Science English Poem By Tapashya Das

Children Enjoying Writing and Reciting Science Poems

Children Enjoying Writing and Reciting Science Poems 


In conclusion, by reading Science poems in English for kids, including the poem on National Science Day or National Technology Day, kids can lead to knowledge, through knowing the basics of science. Through science books and poetry, children become knowledgeable by teaching them the fundamentals of Science. They will get knowledge and awareness of a variety of things as a result. 

Additionally, it may aid in enhancing their linguistic abilities. As one of the most fascinating yet challenging academic areas, Science. As a result, it could be a little daunting for young children. Despite this, kids can still take pleasure in learning about their favourite subjects.

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FAQs on Science Poems for Kids

1. What are some Science rhyming words and some Science poems?

Some of the Science rhyming words are appliance, alliance, compliance,  obsequience, overreliance, para science, and several other words that can also be included in the list! 

Science poem in English frequently discusses Science, whether overtly, as in Whitman's "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer," which expresses a morbid desire for those who think in such terms to "soon lie / Underground," or subtly, as in Christina Rossetti's "Who Has Seen the Wind?" which speaks of scientific phenomena with more nuance.

2. What is a Science poem in English?

Science is one of the most exciting yet difficult academic fields. It may be a little intimidating for kids who are just starting out as a result. Children can still enjoy learning about their favourite subjects, nevertheless, despite this. A Science poem in English is a brief narrative that aims to communicate scientific information, often by using symbolic or metaphorical language rather than by giving lengthy but very thorough explanations. Long paragraphs or essays might be tedious to read, but the poems can be entertaining!