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Wake Up Spring Poem

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Overview of Wake Up Spring Poem

Wake Up Spring is one of the easy poems for kids to read and learn. The poem is a rhyming poem. The whole author is unknown, but the theme of the poem is quite beautiful. Kids, today we will learn about fun and a beautifully written poem about the spring season. Spring is the season of growth because we witness dormant plants begin to grow during this season. Also, hibernating animals wake up during this season.

This poem is a dedication to beautiful nature and how every living being around us plays an important role in maintaining its beauty. Let us learn about this fun and beautifully written poem. In this article, we will learn about the Wake Up Spring poem summary.

Short Poem - Wake Up Spring 

Wake up, flowers.

Wake up, weeds.

Wake up, frogs.

Wake up, seeds.

Wake up, bears.

Wake up, bees.

Wake up, spring.

Won’t you please?

Wake Up Spring Poem Literary Meaning

Wake up spring poem summary would be discussed to know why the writer feels happy when the spring season arrives. The whole poem is about the season of spring which comes in the month of March and stays till late June. It is during these couple of months when we witness flowers blooming, hibernating animals waking from their sleep, trees beginning to grow their leaves and many such beautiful things happening.

Spring Season

Spring Season

The writer of this poem has a childish heart because he wants to enjoy all the things that happen only during the spring season. He asks the flowers, weeds, frogs, seeds, bears, and bees to wake up now because it is the spring season. Enough of sleeping because now they’ve got a special role to play in maintaining nature's beauty. The poet wants to enjoy every little moment of such a wonderful season of the year, which only lasts a couple of months.

Significance of Nature in the Poem

There is a massive role that nature plays during the spring season. Well, this is because the winter season comes prior to spring and it is during the winters when nature feels cold and unwelcoming. However, once the winters are over then comes the spring season, which is the season when nature becomes lively and welcoming because flowers start to bloom again, hibernating animals wake up from their sleep, and many such kinds of things can be seen happening.

Beautiful Nature During Spring Season

Beautiful Nature During Spring Season

The Wake Up Spring poem summary is the perfect example to showcase the beauty of nature around us. It shows how magical nature can be as each season people get to witness different kinds of emotions and feelings. Similarly, the poet of the poem has made it clear that he is not very fond of the winters but rather he is fond of the spring season.

Theme of the Poem 

The theme of the poem Wake Up Spring is all about experiencing the most exciting and beautiful season of the year which is the spring season. The summers are way too hot and the winters are way too cold but it is spring that is the perfect season for most people. The poet wants to tell us that he wants to witness all living beings waking up now and playing their role in the natural environment around us.

For example, the poet tells the bees to wake up so that they can get the nectar from the flowers that have bloomed and it is exciting for the poet to witness such kind of scenery in his garden.

Animals During Spring

Animals During Spring

It is a beautiful poem that is not just describing the beautiful characteristics of nature but also an important value that kids should learn. Kids will learn to appreciate their lives and whatever things have been provided by mother Earth. 


The poem Wake Up Spring teaches us not just the beautiful characteristics of the spring season but also an important lesson for the future generation. It tells us that we should be grateful for all the natural things that have been provided to us for free and how we should appreciate the presence of every living being on the planet. Every living being on this planet has got a special role to play as they contribute to maintaining the biosphere. 

In this article, we learnt about the wake-up spring poem and its significance. We also read its theme. 

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FAQs on Wake Up Spring Poem

1. Why is the poet so happy when spring arrives?

The poet is happy when spring arrives because they are not very fond of winters as they seem to be quite unwelcoming for him. But, on the other hand, the spring season is the time when the natural environment around them looks so lively and welcoming.

2. Why is the poet asking the animals and all other things to ‘Wake Up’?

The poet is asking all the animals and plants to wake up because they have got a crucial role to play in contributing to the natural beauty. The bees will get the nectar from the blossomed flowers and hibernating animals will wake up from their sleep.

3. What is the special message that the poet wants the future generation to know?

The special message that the poet wants the future generation to know is that they should appreciate the value of every living being around them. This is because they have got a special role to play in contributing to the living environment.