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Vacation Resolution Poem

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Overview of Vacation Resolution Poem

From children to adults, vacation is the thing that excites everyone, and why not? Everyone needs a break, whether it is from studies or work. Also, vacations are a good time to follow hobbies and interests. For example, if a student loves art and craft, they can join the different art and craft classes. Some might go to their maternal homes or plan a trip with their family. Vacations are the time during which one can take a break. 

We will learn about the vacation poems that rhyme. We will read the Vacation Resolution poem, written by Lenore Hetrick, about the resolutions made by people to enjoy their vacations. Like others, the poet has also resolved his vacation in his poem about vacation time. Let's read the poem to see what it is.

Vacation Resolution Poem By Lenore Hetrick

Kids Going to the Beach

Kids Going to the Beach

I’m not getting up tomorrow!

Though I hear my mother call,

“Waffles and honey for breakfast!”

I turn my face to the wall,

I’m not getting up though my friends come

Yelling, “ We’re off to the river!”

I’ll just close my eyes and sleep

Without a regretful shiver.

The first day of vacation!

Oh, grand and glorious feeling!

The solid bed beneath me,

Above, the dear old ceiling!

And I won’t get up, I tell you,

To dine with a golden cup.

Not even if the President calls-

Still, I won’t get up.

Theme of the Vacation Resolution Poem for Kindergarten

The theme of the poem “Vacation Resolution” written by Lenore Hetrick, revolves around a kid whose only plan for vacation is to just lie on the bed and sleep all day. Whether his mom calls him for breakfast or his friends ask him to go outside, or someone calls him to dine up with a golden cup, or even if he is called by the president, he will not get up all he will do is just sleep.

Literary Meaning of the Poem

A Boy is Relaxing on a Beach

A Boy is Relaxing on a Beach

The poem “Vacation Resolution” by author Lenore Hetrick is about our resolutions during our vacations. For example, some people plan to go on a trip with their family, some meet their friends, or some go to their maternal homes because vacations are when someone can take a break from their daily routine.

So, in this poem, the poet Lenore Hetrick shares his plan for his vacation, when he says, “I’m not getting up tomorrow! Though I hear my mother call, “Waffles and honey for breakfast!”, I turn my face to the wall”. 

In this poem, the poet portrays himself as a kid who is tired of going to school and tuition classes and has now finally got a vacation. In the above line, the poet Lenore Hetrick says that his vacation will start tomorrow, and all thing he will do during his vacation is just sleep. Even if his mother calls for “ Waffles and honey” breakfast, he won’t get up, he will turn his face to the wall, but he will sleep all day.

In the second paragraph, the poet adds that whether his friends call him to go to the river, he will not get up, he will just close his eyes and sleep without any regret.

In the last line, the poet says, “The first day of vacation! Oh, grand and glorious feeling! This implies that finally the first day of vacation, he is on his bed feeling grand and glorious under his room’s old ceiling. He further says that he will not get up at any cost, whether he was asked to dine up with the golden cup or called by the president. Still, he will not get up.


In this article, we learned that everyone has their own plan for their vacation, some go fishing, some go for a trip, and some join different classes like dance classes, singing classes, and art and craft classes. Just like that poet has planned to sleep all day no matter what happens, he will just sleep all day.

We also read one of the vacation poems that rhyme. We read the vacation resolution poem and also its theme and literary meaning. 

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FAQs on Vacation Resolution Poem

1. What are the things one can do on vacations?

On vacations, people can plan a trip with their families, watch movies, people can follow their hobbies by joining art and craft classes, travel to different places, and do much more.

2. Why vacations are important?

Vacations are important because someone can finally take a break from their hectic routine, and can try the things they can’t do in their busy schedule.

3. What is the best way to spend a vacation?

The best way to spend a vacation is to unplug yourself from work and social media and try out some new skills or try to spend more time with your family by planning a trip and doing something which makes the trip more memorable. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and make sure that others enjoy it too.