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Thin King Poem for Kindergarten Kids

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Overview of the Thin King Poem in English

Nursery rhymes not just come in enjoyable activities for kids but it also boosts language development and oral skills in kids. Moreover, it also helps small children with storytelling and sequencing stories. So by keeping these important things in mind, today we are going to learn about the Thin King Poem. The Thin King Poem in English increases the imagination powers of kids and we will also read the Thin King Poem summary below. So now let's get started and move to the wonderful world of the imagination. 

About the Thin King Poem 

It's a very interesting story. It will clear all our concepts of thinking what thoughts are and how they work, and also how our thoughts determine our actions. In the same way, here we are going to talk about the king who always used to keep on thinking all the time. 

But here arises the question, do you know what happens when the king thinks? Ummm… maybe not, but don't worry you will find the answer to this question after reading this article. Let's read the Thin King Poem for kindergarten.

Thin King Poem

The Thin King

The Thin King

There once lived a Thin King 

Believe it or not, 

This Thin King loved thinking 

And did it a lot.

He thought every minute and second he got, 

He thought even when you would think he does not.

He sat on his throne, 

having thought after thought 

Of every last person and every last spot, 

And all of his people from here and abroad

Were sitting around and thinking a lot.

One Snoozeday,

or maybe it was Sleepersday 

The Thin King was thinking 

of plans for today.

There came in a Wizard, 

who spoke and was gone:

"My King, there's a problem, 

You've only got one 

When you THINK TO DO it, 

it does not GET DONE!


The Literary Meaning of the Poem

A Child Reading The Thin King Poem

A Child Reading The Thin King Poem

So in this poem, we learned about the king who used to think all day long, the king that keeps on thinking all the time even at a time when everybody thinks that the king might not be thinking. But the king's mind never stopped thinking even for a second. No matter whether it's important or not but still, every person, every spot keeps running in the king's mind.

However, one day while the king was thinking, a wizard visited the king and said that he just kept on thinking and didn’t perform any action to complete that task. He suggested that the king should act to complete the task and stop thinking. This is because thinking and planning does not get our work done. 

So, this poem teaches us that we need to perform some actions rather than just sitting and thinking and thinking. We should understand that it's true that to fulfil a desire we need to think but it doesn't work alone; it also requires some actions to fulfil that desire. 

It's true that thoughts are powerful, and they can do and take us to wherever we want to go but we need to take some action. 

The Theme of the Poem 

The theme of the poem is that even if you take small steps towards your goal or plan then you can easily complete it. Otherwise just by sitting and thinking about how it can be done, you can never complete it. The poem focuses on the fact that even if you have the best idea it doesn't matter until or unless you do some work and take action to reach your goals. 


After reading this article we hope you got the answer to the question ‘what does a king do after thinking?’ The answer is that he does nothing. He just wastes his time overthinking and planning. 

The Thin King Poem shows us how important it is to work and to take action. We have learnt a great lesson from this poem. We have also read the Thin King Poem summary and lyrics in this article. We hope you enjoyed reading this wonderful poem.

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FAQs on Thin King Poem for Kindergarten Kids

1. What are the purposes of the poems in kindergarten?

The purposes of the poems in kindergarten are to convey an idea or an emotion in very beautiful language. So that the children can understand that everything around them is so beautiful. 

2. What did the king do in the Thin King Poem?

In the Thin King Poem, the king only kept thinking and planning all day without taking any actions.

3. What did the wizard tell the Thin King?

The wizard told the Thin King that although he keeps thinking about various things throughout the day, he doesn’t do anything about it. He told him that thinking alone will not fulfil his job as he has to make an effort to get it accomplished.