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That Time of The Year

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Reading the Poem That Time of the Year

Holidays are something every kid waits for. During the holidays, away from all the stress and worries of doing school homework, the little ones get the time to enjoy themselves with their families and go on vacations. Also, they can plan trips along with their friends and family. Through this, they have a chance to renew family bonds. While travelling to your favourite destination, you can recite a beautiful, well-structured poem for your little ones. Below, in the article, we have mentioned the essence of this lovely poem. You must understand and recite the 'That Time of the Year' quotes to your friends and family!

The Theme of That Time of The Year 

That Time of the Year is basically a love poem. It addresses a young man. To grasp the onset of old age, the poem has realistic metaphors of decay and decline. It eventually indicates that during the lovers’ lifetimes, the certainty of death makes love all the stronger. That Time of the Year quote is beautifully structured by William Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

That Time of the Year Lyrics

That time of year thou mayst in me observe

When yellow leaves, or none, or rare, do hang

Upon those boughs which tremble against the chill,

Bare-wrecked choirs, where late the lovely birds sang.

In me, thou seest the darkness of the such day

As after twilight fadeth in the west,

Which by and by black night doth take away,

Death's second self, that seals up all in rest.

In me, thou seest the glowing of such fire

That on the ashes of his teenager doth lie,

As the death-bed whereon it must end,

Consum'd with that which it was nourished by.

This thou perceivest, which makes thy affection more strong,

To love that well which thou must leave ere long.

That Time of the Year

That Time of The Year

Paraphrase of the Poem 'That Time of the Year'

Shakespeare, a renowned English poet, wrote "Sonnet 73," often known as "That Time of the Year." It's a love poem that's addressing a young man. William Shakespeare wrote one of the most lovable poems, "That Time of the Year." He wrote it in the 1590s, but it was published in 1609. The paraphrase of the poem is given below:

When you look at me, you must watch that time of year when yellow leaves, or say no leaves or barely any leaves were hanging on the tree branches that were shivering because of the cold.”

That Time of the Year Quotes by Shakespeare

That Time of The Year Quotes by Shakespeare

You can see deserted church choirs in me. Now they are bare but once, they used to hold singing birds. Twilight in me can also be seen. It means the period after the sun has set in the west and before nighttime gradually takes over. The night is a gloomy representation of death since the eyes that are now temporarily closed during sleep will one day be permanently closed by death.

You can see the spark of a fading fire in me that is resting on its ashes like it is on its deathbed because the fire will soon burn out on the remains of the wood it once burned. You observe everything, and this strengthens your love. Because you know I'm going to die soon and that'll make you love me even more! 

That Time of the Year Summary

That Time of the Year summary is that William Shakespeare describes that death is approaching an old man even before his last breath. He beautifully tied the concept of both love and death together into one frame. Shakespeare creates a mournful and pensive tone in That Time of the Year. He typically relates his old age to the glow of a dying fire, twilight, and autumn. Shakespeare is expressing the theme of death as he is near the end of his life. Moreover, he's representing the cycle of life in the fatal man.

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FAQs on That Time of The Year

1. How does Shakespeare compare the fading of his youth?

Shakespeare compares the fading of his youth with the use of 3 elements of the Universe- the dying of the fire, the fading of life, and the fading of the light.

2. What does Shakespeare mainly focus on in the second quatrain?

The main focus of Shakespeare in the second Austrian is on the "twilight of such a day." This means that death approaches him throughout the nightfall.

3. What time of life does the imagery in That Time of the Year describe?

Shakespeare illustrates how death gradually destroys man's vitality through the use of imagery such as the day before night, an autumn tree, and a fire.

4. What three things does the speaker compare himself to in That Time of the Year?

The speaker compares himself in That Time of the Year with the fire, twilight, and winter. All these words illustrate the approach to death that is inescapable.