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Take Me Out to the Ocean Poem

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Overview of Take Me Out to the Ocean Poem by Erica Lynn

This article gives a brief summary of the poem "Take me out to the ocean" by Erica Lynn. The poem is short yet very beautifully written. The poem talks about the importance of even small things in life and how they can affect one's mood. It starts off with “please take me, please take me, please take me to the ocean.” This shows that the child really wants to go and is willing to do anything in order for that wish to come true. It also shows their desperation by using an exclamation point at the end of each sentence as if he is begging for this request.

We will read take me out in the ocean poem line by line explanation in this article. We will also learn the take me out in the ocean poem lyrics below in the article.

Take Me Out to The ocean

- By Erica Lynn

Take me out to the ocean,

Take me out to the sea.

Show me the foamy waves 

rolling there

As I breathe in the salty air!

Let me look, look, look at the


See the sea and explore

For it’s fun to dive from the top

To the ocean floor!

Take me to the Ocean Poem

Take me to the Ocean Poem

Theme of the Poem 

The theme of the poem is about taking a person out to the ocean and showing him its beauty. The person in this poem is asking someone to take him out to the ocean. The poem is about a child who is asking to go to the ocean. The child uses a lot of descriptive words and uses the word “please” to emphasise how much he wants to go. He also uses the word “look” which means that he is describing what he sees and what he wants.

The poem is a clear and deep comparison of the ocean and sea to the life of a human. The child is very excited and thrilled to experience the journey of life ahead waiting for him. He not just wants to experience the good times but also has the acceptance that one can enjoy good times only after one has seen the bad times too. He wants to welcome all the things ahead with open arms. The poem is so beautiful, it has been written with the perception of a child. The meaning of the poem is about a child and the ocean which is like a cherry on the cake. The ocean is compared with life wherein one has to face both ups and downs. Words like salty air and foamy waves signify the problems one faces in the journey of life and still look forward to the rest of the life in waiting for good and surprising moments to cherish.


The poem is about the author's wish to be transported to the ocean. The poem is trying to show that the author has a strong connection with nature and wants to be close to it. The ocean is a deep and beautiful place. It's a place where you can swim, fish, and kayak. It's a place where you can see the sunset and the sunrise. It's a place where you can feel the wind in your hair. In this poem, the author is also trying to highlight how excited the child is to experience every upcoming moment of his life, not just good but also bad.

We have already learnt the take me out in the ocean poem in this article and we have also read the lyrics of the poem above. We hope you enjoyed reading this amazing poem, in case of any other doubts feel free to ask in the comments.

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FAQs on Take Me Out to the Ocean Poem

1. Who wrote the poem “Take me out to the ocean” & which figures of speech have been used in the poem?

The poem “Take me out to the ocean” is written by Erica Lynn. Metaphors & repetition are the figures of speech used in the poem.

2. Why has the poet chosen a child to voice his request?

The poet has chosen a child to voice his request because children are very innocent and they are the future of this world who are waiting for a beautiful tomorrow with open arms and are always thrilled to do new things in life.

3. What is the ocean being compared to within the poem “Take me out to the ocean” ?

In the poem“Take me out to the ocean”, the ocean is compared with human life which looks very pleasing and full of joy from the top but one has to dive in to explore the real beauty of this life which lies in experiencing not just the good part but also the challenges of life.