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Super Manners Poem

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Overview of Super Manners

Good manners will open many doors for you. This is a very great saying about super manners. Someone has rightly said that if you have good manners, you will have many opportunities. Good manners make you a good human being. Saying please and thank you, sharing your things with your friends, these are all good manners everyone should learn. Super manners poems are usually written to teach these manners to little kids. Little kids are to be taught to brush their teeth twice, to take a bath daily and so on. 

These things eventually become their habit and they follow these habits in their daily routine. In this article, we will talk about these supper manners and a few poems about them. 

Good Manners

Good Manners

Poems on Super Manners

We say, "Thank you."

We say, "Please."

We don't interrupt or tease.

We don't argue. We don't fuss.

We listen when folks talk to us.

We share our toys and take our turn.

Good manners aren't too hard to learn.

It's really easy, when you find.

Good manners means


This is a very popular poem on good manners for elementary kids. This poem teaches you that you say please and thank you. You should never interrupt when two people are talking. You should not argue with elders. The most important thing is you should share your food and toys with your friends. Good children always do these things. 

Super Manners

Super Manners

Long Poem on Super Manners

Let's look at one more poem on good manners

Pass the Peas Please by Dina Anastasio

If you run over a sand castle

Created by your brother

Kneel down and say, "I'm sorry."

Then just help him build another

When you see someone who's different,

Don't laugh. It isn't fair.

He might think you are different,

But he doesn't point and stare.

If you're angry at a friend,

Don't punch or kick or shout.

Go for a walk and count to ten,

Then try to talk it out.

No one likes to lose a game,

But if you must, you must.

So if you lose, shake hands and say,

"We'll play again, I trust."

It's hard to keep a secret,

But secret telling's wrong.

Remember, friends who blab too much

Aren't been friends for very long.

If your father's talking on the phone

When he should be playing ball,

Don't kick or sulk or whine, "Let's GO!"

That will not work at all.

Don't interrupt your uncle

When he's talking about his car.

Even though it's boring -

Well, you know how uncles are!

When you're eating mashed potatoes,

And there's something you must say,

Please wait until you've swallowed.

The thought won't go away!

If your brother has a cupcake

That's what he's saving for tomorrow,

Don't take a bite, not even one,

Or he'll be filled with sorrow.

If your neighbour won't stop talking,

And you feel a yawn come on,

Put your mouth behind your fingers,

Until your yawn is gone.

Don't eat spaghetti with your knife,

Your fingers or a spoon.

Use your fork, although it's hard.

You'll catch on pretty soon.

When you're outside playing soccer,

And kick someone in the knee,

Don't tell him that he's in your way.

Say, "Sorry. Pardon me."

Don't play with Grandma's dishes

If you father has forbid it.

but if you do, and if they break,

Don't say your sister did it!

We all leave toys and clothes around.

It's O.K. just once or twice.

But if a king and queen should come to call,

They might not think it's nice.

When someone's in the bathroom,

And won't get out, don't worry.

Just knock and say, "I'm waiting.

I must come in. Please hurry."

Don't play the drums or sing a song

When somebody is sick.

Just tiptoe by and give a wave,

And say, "Please get well quick."

Children Practising Good Manners

Children Practising Good Manners 

When your sister's busy practising,

And you really want to hide,

Don't cover your ears or make a face.

Just smile and go outside.

Towels that are soggy

Will not dry someone's back

So toss them in the laundry,

Or hand them on the rack.

When your sister gets a bicycle

And you just get a kite,

Don't say, "You like her better!"

Say, "Thank you. It's just right."

If a friend is having trouble,

And he falls and gives a yelp,

Don't laugh or point or call him names.

Say, "Are you hurt?" and "May I help?"

If there's something very special

That you'd really like to borrow,

Ask before you take it,

And bring it back tomorrow.

If your great-aunt gives you candy,

And your friends would like a lot,

It's nice to share a little,

Even though you'd rather not.

When you're going to a movie,

And the line is two blocks long,

Don't butt in front, go to the end.

Then calmly hum a song.

When you're sitting at the table,

And want some extra peas,

Don't shout out, "Gimme more of those!"

Say, "Pass the peas, please."

This poem tells us the about super manners in detail. 

Super Manners Poem Summary

Children should learn good manners as they help them be a better person. If you are a good human being, you will take care of your surroundings, elders, and others. This will make the earth a happy place to be.

In this article, we learnt about good manners or super manners with the help of poems. Poems make everything easier to learn. We learnt a healthy way to live a life through the poem in this article. Read a thorough super manners poem PDF and learn some really good super manners poem in English

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FAQs on Super Manners Poem

1. Why should we brush our teeth twice a day?

We should brush our teeth twice a day to protect our teeth from bacteria. The food we eat at night invites bacteria, and bacteria harm our teeth. In the same way, if we don't brush our teeth in the morning, the bacteria will attack them. That is why we should brush our teeth twice a day. 

2. How should we introduce ourselves when we meet someone for the first time?

We should always introduce ourselves by telling our name to someone. It is the politest form to introduce ourselves.

3. Why are super manners important in life?

Super manners are necessary for life. They show that we are showing respect towards others. They allowed us to meet new people so that they will like the way we behave and appreciate us. You can learn these manners from the super manners poem PDF.