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Short Poems on Water

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Importance of Water

Do you know that our home planet Earth is the only planet having water on it? Water is an essential thing for all humans, animals, plants, and birds to live. Without water, we cannot survive on this planet. We use water for many purposes. We use water for drinking purposes, and we use water for washing, bathing, cleaning utensils, watering plants, etc. 



We cannot even imagine a single day without water. Kids should understand the importance of water. We should not waste water in any way. We have to save water. Let us learn some short poems on water.

Short Poem on Water

Water is for all of us!

Water is for me,

Water is for you,

Water is for animals,

Water is for birds,

Water is for plants,

Water is for everyone,

Water is for all of us!

This poem is sending us a beautiful message. It is saying that water is for all of us to drink and use. It is not differentiating between anyone. All humans, animals, and birds are given equal importance.

Simple Short Poem on Water


Water is a precious gift given to us by God.

Always use water in the right quantity and never waste it.

Today and tomorrow depend on water.

Everyone needs water to live.

Right usage of water can help us in the long term.

Through this poem, we understand the importance of water. Water is not only precious but essential for all of us. This poem also uses the word 'water' in a way so that the first letter of every sentence when put together forms the spelling of water.

Water is Precious

Water is Precious 

Water Bodies

Water is resting in the ocean.

Water is flowing in the sea with waves.

Water is running in the rivers to help animals and people.

Water is living in a small pond with fish and frogs.

Water is helping us all with canals and dams.

Water is living with us at our homes in our pots.

This poem showcases various water bodies like the ocean, sea, rivers, canals, ponds, etc. These water bodies collect water from rain and give us water. Water bodies are very important for all of us.

Rhyming Short Poem on Water

Poem on Water Conservation

Save Water, Save Earth

Wasting water is wrong

Saving water is right

Brushing your teeth is right

Running taps are wrong

Watering trees is right

Throwing garbage in the water is wrong

Bathing in a bucket is right

Showering nonstop is wrong

Saving water is right

Wasting water is wrong.

The message this water poem for kids wants to convey is that we should conserve water. Earth is made up of about 70% water. Out of 70%, only one percent is drinkable and usable. This water comes from rainfall and other water bodies. We should use this water wisely and try to conserve the water as much as possible.


Water poems are important for kids to understand the importance of water. We can take various measures to save water. We must use water wisely and avoid wasting water. We can recycle water in many ways. One of the ways is to use used water in washing cars and garages. We should also try to save rainwater in various containers. In Rajasthan due to scarcity of water, people make tanks to save rainwater in them. Water is so precious, so we should save water.

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FAQs on Short Poems on Water

1. What is the similarity among all the water poems?

These water poems are similar in sending us the message of saving water. Firstly they tell us how important water is for all of us. We use water for many purposes. Secondly, it imparts an important message to all of us. They tell us that water is scarce in various parts of the world and that is why we must conserve water. These poems are extremely important for kids to understand how precious water is.

2. What are the ways to conserve water?

We can conserve water in many ways. Firstly we should try to use water wisely. We should try to save water in all ways possible. Recycling is an important way to conserve water. We can recycle the used water to wash our vehicles. We can store and save rainwater as well. In areas where there is less rainfall and water scarcity, people make tanks and storehouses for water conservation. Lastly, we must also try to contribute individually to conserving water. We should put off unnecessary running taps, we should use only a bucket of water for bathing, etc.

3. What are the uses of water in daily life?

Water is used in daily life in many ways. It is used for drinking, cooking, washing clothes, washing utensils, bathing, etc.