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Poems about Food for Kids

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Introduction to the Literary Journey

It is never too early for kids to be introduced to literature. Kids at an early age are introduced to literature through simple poetry. Poetry is essential since it aids us in comprehending and appreciating the life surrounding us. The impact of a beautiful poem can encourage young children in rendering reading a reality.

Poetry is a crucial tool in every young reader's literary journey, from making reading joyful to teaching children alternative ways to think of phonemic sounds. Kids learn about speech, rhythm, intensity, and intonation by reading poetry. While these are primarily speaking skills, they are also critical for kids learning to read. Little kids can learn speech patterns from poetry, which can help them understand the vocabulary.

The article provides a few simple poems about foods for kids which can ease the path for kids in exploring the various kinds of literature. 

Poem: Kale Delivery

It’s perfect for salads

and also for soups.

If you haven’t baked it for chips,

then here’s my big news …

It’s a mountain of goodness

all leafy and green.

Full of fibre and iron,

Vitamins K and then C.

So I planted it neatly

and it sprouted in rows.

There’s not a space in my garden

where it doesn’t now grow. 

The time’s come to harvest,

so I’m picking away.

I’ve been piling it up

for the whole of the day.

Then it’s off in the barrow.

I’ll wheel them ‘round town

to be boiled, baked or fried 

and then gobbled right down.

If you see me approaching

you’ll now know my tale.

I just go door to door

with today’s first-class kale.



Poem: Food on the Brain

Before we start, can I first check,

will you feed us while we work?

My tummy’s annoyed that I skipped lunch -

hence the rumbling sound you heard.

Surely you have an apple

or a random spare lunch box.

Oh, why didn’t I anticipate this 

and stuff bananas down my socks?

Surely someone here has something,

I could snack on for a while.

If you have a plate of biscuits,

and I can guarantee a smile.

I close my eyes and see juicy pears,

and when I pause a while to think,

my ideas are all about the vegetables

I could blend into a drink.

It’s clear my mind’s just not on this,

and my time here is all for nought.

Until I eat, all my thinking time

is purely food for thought.

Brain thinking of food

Brain thinking of food

Importance of Short Poems

Reciting short poems like the poems about food for kids is a fun way to introduce kids to poetry. Apart from the obvious academic importance, poems about food for kids can help parents to teach healthy eating habits to kids. It is no wonder that encouraging kids to eat vegetables and fruits is a challenging task but poems like the ones mentioned in the article can help kids in understanding the importance of a healthy diet. Also singing short poems like the poems about food for kids is a fun activity that can be practised anytime.


Short poems about food, such as the "kale poem" or "food on my brain," yet contain significant literary components like characterization, narrative, new words, and rhythm that can aid kids in learning basic foundational and complex literary abilities. The lyrical patterns of a poem might also make children think of their favourite tunes. In conclusion, providing opportunities for youngsters to express themselves via poetry while learning to read can be both instructive and entertaining.

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FAQs on Poems about Food for Kids

1. Where can kale be used?

Kale is a leafy vegetable that is used in salads. It is also used as chips and curries. The kale poem mentioned in the articles also provides nutritional information, according to which it is a good source of vitamins like vitamin C and K.

2. What is the main theme of the “Food in the Brain” poem?

In the “Food on the Brain” poem, the narrator describes the experiences while they are hungry. The narrator feels very hungry and can only think of food. The narrator thinks about stocking bananas or how a plate of biscuits would make them happy. In the end, the narrator realises that only after eating they can get focused on other things.