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One Man Band Nursery Rhyme

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Introduction to the Rhyme

Old Dominion, a group playing country music in America, has a song called "One Man Band." It was made available in June 2019 as the follow-up single to their third studio album of the same name. Their highest charting single, the song, landed at No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.



Image of One Band Army

Image of One Band Army

One Man Band Poem for Kindergarten Lyrics

I play the guitar—

I strum every strand—

While I sing like a bird

In my new one-man band.

I bang on the drums

While my flute pipes along,

Give the cymbals three clangs,

But just one for the gong.

I am the conductor,

The key pianist;

This is clearly the reason

I’m meant to exist.

Who needs other players

With talent this grand?

There’s nothing quite like me

And my one-man band.

(But if you’re not busy, I’d sure like a hand!)

Lyrics of the Poem

Lyrics of the Poem

One Band Poem Action

We can learn the song One Man Band in an interesting way by singing it. Sing and jive to the tune by the one-man band. Can you clap and stamp your feet at the same time? Watch, dance, listen, and sing this song.

One Man Band

One Man Band

Solved Examples

1.Can a band only have one member?

Ans: The 1800s saw the beginning of one-person ensembles featuring four or more instruments. There are still one-person ensembles around today. On occasion, you can spot them at parades or street fairs. Take advantage of the opportunity to witness a one-person band perform live if you ever have it.

2. Is there any rhyme scheme that is followed in the poem?

Ans: No, there is no such rhyme scheme followed in the poem.

3. One-Man Band Poem Summary

Ans: The hysterically captivating tale of a peasant girl who uses one cent to make a wish at the piazza fountain is told in the film One Man Band. She then encounters two competitive street performers who would prefer the penny land in their tip jars.

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FAQs on One Man Band Nursery Rhyme

1. What's the main concept behind a one-man band?

One Man Band tells the hilariously compelling story of a peasant girl who uses one penny to make a wish at the piazza fountain and runs into two rival street performers who would rather the coin end up in their tip jars.

2. What is the name of a one-person band?

A performer who plays each instrument on a song as it is being recorded, one at a time, and then blends them together in a multitrack studio is referred to as a "one-man band" in colloquial usage.

3. How many people should be in a band?

The band's participants. You'll typically need a singer, a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. I no longer play guitar. The only two instruments you should unquestionably think about getting are an acoustic or electronic drum set, and something to keep the bass end in check.