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Poems for Kids on Mother

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Mother’s Day Special Poems for Kids

‘Mumma, where are you?’ ‘Mumma, I'm feeling hungry.’ ‘Mumma, where is my jacket?’ The answer to all these questions is a mother as she has answers to every question. Her unconditional love and warmth always nurture us. Mother is a synonym of love. The way she cares for us, no one can. She is always there for us to guide us, motivate us, and bless us. A mother is the most special person in anyone’s life and no one can take her place. She is the blessing as everyone said that God could not be present everywhere, so he sent a mother for every child.

We must thank our mother daily as she makes our every day very special. To honour a mother, to make her feel more special, and celebrate motherhood, mother’s day is celebrated on 8th May of every year. Here are a few poems for our young ones which they can easily learn and surprise their mothers.

Poems for kids on mother

Poems for kids on mother

1. A Special Love

‘A Special Love’ is a very beautiful poem for mothers. In this poem, a little girl compares her mother as a source of light, without whom she could not take a step. Further, she compared her with a tree that gives sweet fruit. The little girl undoubtedly and whole-heartedly declares her mother as the best mother in this world. Here are a few lines of this poem for you.

You're like the sun

that brightens the day,

When you're not there 

the light goes away.

2. My Mother

‘My Mother’ poem is composed by Shameka Martin. The mother–child relationship starts before the birth of a child which might be the reason that a mother knows all the pain or problems her child is facing. In this poem, the author discussed that even after the arguments with your mother, she never gets upset and always takes care of her child. She always cheers her child in any situation and stands by her and makes her laugh. Though a child knows everything, he is still afraid to show his love as he feigns to lose her. Here are a few lines of this heart-touching poem.

I love her so much, my mother

She's always in my heart

Even though we argue

We'll never be apart

3. A Mom is Like a Present  

Undoubtedly the title of the poem ‘A Mom is Like a Present’ is true in all senses. Mother is the present by God or God’s messenger Santa. In this poem, a mother is compared with a superhero. Just like a superhero, a mother saves her child from all the difficulties and dangerous situations. She always brings light to her child's life. Below are the few lines that you can sing for your mom. 

A Mom is Like a Present  

You get on Christmas morning

She's fun, joyful and caring

And she's rarely ever boring

4. Mom

‘Mom’ is a masterpiece of renowned poet Victoria A. Ledt. In this work, the author said that mothers provide the basic necessities, food, and shelter. A mother is a centrepiece of a child’s life, which enlightens his life throughout. Like sun rays bring hope in nature, a mother brings hope and happiness in his childhood when he gets upset and depressed from his life.  Below are some lines from the poem ‘Mom’.

I appreciate the love you bring in

You cheer me up when I lose

You make me laugh when I win

you turn my moon into a sun

You've done too much though my life has just begun


Mothers are very special. Any reward or gift is not sufficient to show how much love you do, and how much value you give to your mother. To make her feel special, you only need to give her immense love, respect, care, and a healthy relationship. Learning such beautiful mother special poems is a gesture to show how much you love your mother.

Tips for Parents!

We request parents to help their little ones to read and learn these poems. Also, ask them about the rhyming words and help them to recognise those pairs. 

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FAQs on Poems for Kids on Mother

1. Give three pairs of rhyming words mentioned in the above-given poems. 

Rhyming words are those words that have similar sounds like Bat-Rat-Cat.

In the above-given pairs, the following are the three pairs of rhyming words: 

1. Day-Away, 2. In-Win, 3. Sun-Begun.

2. Why are mothers so special?

Mothers are very special to their children. She protects them from problems, helps them if they are stuck in any problem, and always stands by her. A mother is a person who always shows the right path to her child. She loves her child unconditionally. A mother is the one who nurtures her child not only with love but also instills the right values to build a good character and make him a good human being.