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English Poems for Kids

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Various Types of Poems for Kids

Most easy poems for kids use rhyming words and verses to encourage them to learn the poems. In fact, the sound of rhyming words makes an effective impact on the ever-curious minds of young kids. As we are in the era of virtual schooling, it has become even more important to design a learning plan that retains the attention span of kids during online classes. So, improvising English poems for kids on various topics in kids online classes will enhance the learning process. 

Here we will discuss the most popular kids rhyming poems on nature, animals, and seasons. 

English Poems about Nature for Kids

The poems with rhyming words for kids are usually short and easy to learn. The various components of nature are explained in these poems beautifully with images. While reciting these poems kids get to know several new things and explore their imagination. So, here are some short easy poems for kids that will introduce them to a few things found in nature.


How silently they tumble down

And come to rest upon the ground

To lay a carpet, rich and rare,

Beneath the trees without a care,

Content to sleep, their work well done,

Colours gleaming in the sun.

At other times, they wildly fly

Until they nearly reach the sky.

Twisting, turning through the air

Till all the trees stand stark and bare.

Exhausted, drop to earth below

To wait like children for the snow.

Cloudy Day

I see clouds,

They look so puffy.

Big and little,

Light and fluffy.

Clouds block the sun,

They bring the shade.

Look really closely,

See what pictures are made!

I really don’t mind a cloudy day,

But look out!

Rain could be on the way!

English Poems for Kids on Seasons

Introduce your kids to the beautiful seasons and their impact with the help of some easy poems for kids. These kids' poems describe the seasons in such a way that helps them know the characteristics of each season. The young kids get to learn about the seasons with the help of rhyming lines of poems which helps them to remember the features of each season better. Below are some poems on seasons with colourful pictures that make learning online for kids easier.

Songs of Summer

seo images

Crickets begin their magical tune,

Ladybugs jig for the joy of June.

Dragonflies dance as they dart by,

Their whirring wings sing a lullaby.

Bumblebees buzz a melody sweet,

Caterpillars tap their many feet.

Oh, happy hearts beat just like drummers,

As June brings on the songs of summer.

A Rainy Day

seo images

Rain, rain, come today!

In my garden, you can play.

All the flowers are in their places,

You can wash their petal faces.

Give a drink to all the trees.

Make some splashy puddles, please.

And rain, rain, upon the lawn,

For Ducky’s got his raincoat on!

A Wintry Night

seo images

The sky is dark,

And the ground is white.

The world is peaceful, 

On this wintry night.

No one around,

Not a sound to be heard.

For a moment, it’s just the snow and me,

I smile inside, I feel so free.


Spring is here,

Let’s give some cheer!

Flowers bloom, trees grow,

Water falls, winds blow.

Bees buzz, kids play,

Say hooray! Spring is today!

Autumn Time

The wind is playing autumn games

Through the gardens and the lanes.

Picking up, and swirling round

Leaves of orange, red, and brown.

Gusting through each swaying tree,

Tossing apples till they’re free.

Shaking conkers till they drop

And open wide with prickly pop.

The wind is dancing full of fun,

Laughing in the autumn sun.

It tumbles acorns, fir cones, leaves,

To make a carpet under trees.

Kids Rhyming Poems on Animals

Often we see that kids have an inherent fondness for animals and happen to enjoy playing with pets. Here are some popular English poems on animals that will help kids learn the names and features of a few animals.

Mary had a Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb,

Whose fleece was white as snow;

And everywhere that Mary went,

The lamb was sure to go.

seo images

It followed her to school one day,

Which was against the rules;

It made the children laugh and play,

To see a lamb at school.

And so the teacher turned him out,

But still he lingered near;

And waited patiently about,

Till Mary did appear.

“What makes the lamb love Mary so?”

The eager children cry;

“Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know,”

The teacher did reply.

The Cow

The friendly cow, all red and white,

I love with all my heart;

She gives me cream with all her might,

To eat with apple tart;

seo images

She wanders lowing here and there,

And yet she cannot stray;

All in the pleasant open-air,

The pleasant light of day;

And blown by all the winds that pass,

And wet with all the showers,

She walks among the meadow grass

And eats the meadow flowers.

Kids are always fond of activity-based learning. So, to test how well they have understood a poem in kids online classes, it is always recommended to play a short quiz with them. If your kids enjoy painting, ask them to draw colourful pictures of the animals or the seasons, or the objects that they learned about in a poem. This will definitely help them explore their imagination and to remember the poem effortlessly. Also, to test your kids’ understanding of English grammar, you can make them solve the easy English worksheets available.

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FAQs on English Poems for Kids

1. Why should we encourage kids to read poems?

Kids are fond of poems having rhyming words. Kids are likely to learn new ideas and objects when they are introduced through fun rhyming poems. Their creativity and imagination power develops when they read out the poems. Also, the rhyming words in a poem make the little kids enjoy learning. So, they remember about the objects and ideas introduced in the poems easily.

2. Which are the popular English poems for kids?

A few of the popular English poems for kids are as follows.

  • Mary had a little lamb

  • A Wise Old Owl

  • Songs of Summer

  • Hickory Dickory Dock