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The Letter P Song for Kids

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Let Us Learn about the Letter P

Do you all know what the letter P is? Or, can you remember any word that starts with the letter P? If not, then get ready to learn everything about the letter P today. To make the learning fun and interactive, we have provided some fun activities that will help you to remember the letter P easily.

So, is the letter P an alphabet? Yes, just like any other letters like A, B, C, M or Z, the letter P too is a part of the English alphabet. It is the 16th letter in the English alphabet and there are several things that we use in our daily life that start with P.

For example, pen, pencil, paper, picture, pizza, parcel, etc. All these words start with the letter P. But do you know that the letter P has its own sound too? Do you want to know about the P sound? It has the sound of “Puh”. For example, if we pronounce the word Purple it is “Puh-rple”.

We have also provided a song on the letter P to help you understand better.

Letter P Song 

Follow the lyrics of the song and sing with us the letter P song. 

Can we make the letter sounds?

We can show you how.

What letter shall we learn?

Let us find out now.

Let us learn about the letter P.

This is a capital P

Capital P

Capital P

This is a lowercase p

Lowercase p

Lowercase p

You know how the P looks now.

So, let’s make the letter P sound.

It is “Puh”

“Puh”“Puh”“Puh” - “Puh”“Puh”“Puh”“Puh” - “Puh”

Yes, we did it. 

P is for purple.

P is for pirate.

P is for a pineapple.

P is for pig.

P is for puppy.

P is for popcorn.

You know some P words now, so let’s make the letter P sound.

 “Puh”“Puh”“Puh” - “Puh”“Puh”“Puh”“Puh” - “Puh”

Your turn now!

“Puh”“Puh”“Puh” - “Puh”“Puh”“Puh”“Puh” - “Puh”

We learned the letter P.

Hurray! You learnt so much about the alphabet P today. Wasn’t it fun to sing the letter P song?

Now that you know some words that start with P, let us do some fun activities.

Fun Worksheets on Letter P

1. Look at the picture given below and circle the pictures that start with the letter P.

Start with the Letter P

Start with the Letter P

Answer: From the given image, we can find 6 objects that are starting with the letter P.

These are - Pig, Pencil, Pear, Penguin, Pumpkin and Pineapple.

2. Rearrange these jumbled words by looking at the pictures to make a word with P.

Jumbled Words

Jumbled Words

Answer: Pot, Pin, Pie, Pail (another name for bucket), Peas, Pen, Pencil, Plant, Penny and Puppy.

Great! So that was all about the letter P. We hope you had fun doing these activities and singing the letter P song. You can also learn about the entire English alphabet from our website. There are various songs that are available online for all other letters. Go ahead and listen to these songs and enjoy learning the English alphabet.

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FAQs on The Letter P Song for Kids

1. Is letter P a consonant?

Yes, the letter P is a consonant. Any letter except the vowels i.e., A, E, I, O, U and sometimes even Z are known as consonants. There are a total of 21 consonants in the English alphabet.

2. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

The English alphabet consists of 26 letters. Out of the 26 letters, 21 of them are consonants and the rest are vowels. The letter P, which is a consonant, is the 16th alphabet of the English alphabet series.