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Leaves are Falling Poem

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Overview of the Leaves are Falling Poem

Whenever we read a kid's poem, they are mostly written on plants, animals, numbers, actions, birds and many other basic topics, which are easy poems for kids. This is because small kids can easily understand and recognise things and learn from them.

In this article, we will discuss a short poem on leaves falling, which is written very beautifully. The lines used in this poem will connect you to nature and make you feel happy and grateful for this life. Let's get started and move closer to nature.

Leaves are Falling Poem for Preschool

leaves are falling

leaves are Falling

Leaves are falling, 

Leaves are falling,

One fell on my nose!

Leaves are falling,

Leaves are falling,

One fell on my toes!

Leaves are falling, 

Leaves are falling,

One fell on my head!

Leaves are falling,

leaves are falling,

Yellow, orange and red!

The Theme of Leaves are Falling Poem

The theme of the poem is very peaceful here. It shows that the leaves of the trees are falling on us, and they fall so gently that when they touch your body, you feel so good in your heart and your mind.

Whenever we feel stressed, we should just go near the tree because they give fresh air and peace to the mind.

Trees work as mental healers, and they will make you feel fresh. In earlier times, when there were no medicines, people made indigenous medicines with the help of trees, and the people also got cured.

Leaves are Falling Poem Meaning

kids enjoying

kids Enjoying

Leaves are Falling is a nicely written poem where we get connected to beautiful nature no matter how stressed. You just need to spend five minutes under the tree; it will fill you with a lot of happiness and refresh you.

Through this poem, we will get connected to nature because, in every line, the poet says that the falling leaves are touching us. Like sometimes, when the leaves fall on our noses, toes or heads, we get touched by mother nature and instantly get positive vibrations.

We have seen that in busy cities, when people get exhausted from their busy schedule and hectic work, they go on a break, and the best place they want to visit is near nature, where they can see greenery, breathe fresh air, and can see the beauty of nature. The vibes we get from mother nature are irreplaceable and full of energy.

Thus, this poem will give you a very nice feeling. You will feel so blessed that you can live this life. And it normally happens that because of our stressful life, we get exhausted and want to refresh and get refreshed. The best thing is to switch off our electronic devices and move toward nature.

It will mentally heal you and give you extra power so your productivity will increase naturally. This is why every day of your life, you must spend some time with nature so that you can get time for yourself so that your thoughts and mind will get cleared, and you will also enjoy the beauty of silence.

Leaves are Falling Poem Summary

So through this poem, we get closer to nature and understand how calming and peaceful it feels when the leaves of trees touch us. It gives us a different vibe which cannot be expressed in just a few words. We understand how important it is to spend some time in nature near trees.

But here comes a question: what are we doing for them? We know trees give us everything we need to survive, but what do we do in return? We have to understand that preserving this beautiful nature is our duty. In this article, we also read the leaves falling poem summary and learnt its meaning.

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FAQs on Leaves are Falling Poem

1. What are the rules of poetry?

There are no officially sanctioned rules of poetry. But still, as with all creative writing skills, having some degree of structure can help you reign in your ideas and work productively.

2. Which season do the leaves fall?

Fall is another name for autumn; it is the time of year when trees lose their leaves. In order to withstand the impending bitterly cold winters, the trees remove their leaves and blooms.

3. What makes fall exciting?

Autumn, also known as the "Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness," is known for its harvest seasons, changing foliage, lowering temperatures, and lengthening evenings.